Starbucks worker explains pointless drinks to avoid because theyre a waste

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    A Starbucks barista has warned people about the drinks to stop ordering – because some of them are "pointless".

    Tori Hewitt was a worker at the popular coffee chain outlets and has seen people paying extra money for toppings that come free of charge and just to "jump on the bandwagon".

    The 19-year-old listed them out in a TikTok video.

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    "The first thing is cold foam on a hot drink, it's insane. It melts instantly," she said.

    "If you wanted the foam on the drink, you can ask this for extra foam or whipped cream and whipped cream is free of charge.

    "Vanilla foam, it's pointless."

    Because of social media, Tori found out some drinks have gathered a "cult following".

    Tori continued: "Every time when I hear an order of an iced white mocha, I know immediately to make the vanilla foam and to grab the caramel drizzle bottle because you all order the exact same way.

    "What's wrong with a regular iced white mocha, with caramel drizzle maybe to spice things up?

    "You're paying $2.45 (£1.93) extra to jump on the bandwagon."

    While keeping her viewers on the topic of "mochas", she explained that the drink actually comes with whipped cream whether it's hot or iced.

    "The only time we'll ask if you wanted the whipped cream on it is if you get it with non-fat milk because we don't know if you're cutting the whipped cream as well.

    "Or with a non-diary milk because we don't know if you're lactose.

    "So you don't have to order the whipped cream, it already comes with it."

    Tori is also strongly against people asking for a TikTok drink or a secret menu.

    The truth is, there is no such thing.

    Staff members are only trained to what's listed on the menu. Starbucks fans defended themselves for ordering the mentioned drinks.

    One said: "I've been guilty of the white mocha one but it's for when I want something super sweet but I don't even like it that much."

    "I will pay my $2.45 gimme my cold foam," another stood by her choice.

    A third complained: "How about Starbucks baristas just stick to doing their job?"

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