A stripper copying the dangerous TikTok trend of "dry scooping" a pre-workout powder has warned people that she suffered a heart attack the same day.

Briatney Portillo, an OnlyFans model and exotic dancer from Florida, US, said her arm went "limp" and she suffered dizziness and chest pain after consuming the mix undiluted.

In a TikTok video, she films herself lying in a hospital bed looking like she seriously regrets the decision.

"Taking a dry pre-workout scoop bc I saw it trending on TikTok," she wrote in the caption.

"Ending up in the hospital because I had a heart attack."

The video was watched more than 2 million times and people praised her for speaking out against the trend, which involves taking the powder dry instead of diluted in water like intended.

Pre-workout mixes are often high in caffeine which is a stimulant and can lead to a heart attack at high doses.

"This needs to be viral so everyone is aware," said one viewer.

A second wrote: "Yeah dry scooping is a trend that should disappear."

Briatney told Buzzfeed: "After I took the pre-workout, I started to feel tingly and itchy all over my body, which wasn’t a good feeling, but I googled it and it said that was a normal side effect. … So I began to do my workout,"

She added: "I started to feel a heavy feeling in my chest and slight pain, but it wasn’t too bad.

"I thought it was maybe anxiety or a bad panic attack, so I decided to just ignore it and push through my workout."

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Later that night while in the locker room of the strip club where she danced, the pain intensified.

She told Buzzfeed: "The pain went to my back and to my left arm and my left arm went slightly limp, so I knew those were symptoms of a heart attack. I called 911 and the ambulance came."

The dancer was diagnosed with an NSTEMI heart attack.

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