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A model who is covered from head-to-toe in tattoos has opened up about her saucy antics on Twitch.

The social media platform is a video live streaming service which focuses on video game live streaming and broadcasts.

Heidi Lavon, from Oregon, US, has been a huge fan of the page for a while now, given the fact that she loves video games.

The model, who boasts 3.6 million fans on TikTok and 8,400 on Twitch, is no stranger to flashing the flesh online.

Recently she opened up about how she was brutally trolled for "playing with gender roles" when posing in a muscle shirt.

On another occasion, she told Daily Star how she and her partner James feel like "black sheep" when stepping out with their ink.

Now in a new interview, Heidi has lifted the lid on her saucy antics on Twitch where she plays different kind of games in the hot tub.

She said: "It's a popular and sexy thing to do! Girls will get in hot tubs and stream all kinds of things.

"So it's like playing different kinda games in the hot tub like spin the wheel, bikini changes, 360s and squats.

"I keep mine super chill like I'm one of the boys. I don't want to try too hard.

"Some girls write @ subs names on their body for certain amount of subscriptions but I'm tattooed that wouldn't be an option."

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The model also enjoys taking a lot of gaming photos and hot tub stream snaps for her legion of followers.

She added: "Hot tub streams are very popular for girls on Twitch. Lots of girls do them as well as ASMR etc.

"People who subscribe can get 360s, bikini changes, jumping jacks.

"A wheel is the same thing too. Only difference is I'm not writing it down."

Heidi, who says fans think she's been in jail because of her ink, usually does Q&A's with her fans where she's wearing a hot bikini.

And when fans get involved using Amazon Prime or just a general subscribe, they get a huge treat.

The model revealed: "In return I do different things like 360 outfit looks. I change bikinis.

"Some girls do squats and jumping jacks. It all depends."

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Sometimes Heidi streams games like Tomb Raider and she recently transformed into Lara Croft for a session before.

She concluded: "Cosplaying as different characters from the games I'm playing is great.

"I am a year round cosplayer on all of my socials especially TikTok where my Cosplaying is most popular.

"I play games like Fortnite, Apex Legends. Tomb Raider, Outlast II, Resident Evil and various other games!"

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