Taurus career guide, from dream job ideas to work strengths and weaknesses

When you’re thinking about your future career options and trajectory, why not consult the traits and realities of your star sign?

After all, it might steer you in the direction of the work destiny tailor-made to suit you and your strengths.

Astrology can also help you reveal weaknesses you may have missed, allowing you to deal with what’s holding you back and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Taurus, step this way for some cosmic career advice, and harness your unique zodiac energy for success.

Taurus career strengths to build on

An Earth sign ruled by Venus, you are all stoicism, calmness, determination and graft. You are a marathon vs sprint runner, endurance comes to you easily. Hard work will always beat talent (when talent doesn’t work hard) and therefore you’ll see many Taureans in leadership or expert roles.

You enjoy deliberation, analysis, logic, and calculating. You like to fathom your way through complexity and bring neat solutions to the table. You’re also a natural aesthete and have that Venus eye for beauty, good taste, harmony and material comforts.

Naturally unflappable, practical, pragmatic, and realistic. You bring a dose of common sense to the workplace and a calm ‘we are where we are’ vibe that others find comforting and helpful.

When you’ve got the bit between your teeth you’re unstoppable and relentless. It’s getting the right bit that can take the time and effort (because you basically CBA when your heart’s not in it).

You are good with money and material matters. You understand practical things quickly and naturally. You enjoy making money and appreciate its value.

Taurus career flaws to mitigate

You are naturally deliberating and thoughtful, which can come off as stubbornness because you take a long time to come to a conclusion/decision and, when you do, you won’t be easily moved from it by appeals or new information. You stick to your guns.

Your natural pace is steady and relentless. So, if roles or tasks require a lot of flexibility or speed, then you might struggle. You don’t like (in fact, you hate) being rushed or pressured. You have your pace, and that is that. You also like lots of rest. You are not usually a natural early riser.

You can be controlling. A freakish minutiae attention to detail and thirst to have your hand over every aspect of a task so it is done to your liking. You don’t particularly like sharing what you perceive as being yours.

Ideal job roles for Taurus

Banking, finance accountancy, science, medicine, engineering, technology, technical work, and administration – anything requiring close attention to detail and analysis, with definitive right/wrong answers.

Hospitality. All Taureans have a great love of food, drink, and entertainment. Your Venus ruler brings you super skills in both making life more beautiful and creating a warm welcome.

Art, fashion, floristry, beautician, hairdressing – creative roles which actually create a tangible output. You have a great eye for beauty and aesthetics. You know, and appreciate, what looks good.

Anything related to plants, botany, farming, agriculture, and landscape. You are a strong Earth element and Venus is akin to Mother Nature. You do enjoy making things grow, planting and reaping.

Taurus as a manager

You are a task-orientated boss who sets high standards, is exacting and demanding, but also fair and objective. If the boss above you is also fair and reasonable then you’re likely to be a good boss, but if you’re under pressure from others, your temper (which is a rare but powerful event) might fray.

You might struggle, sometimes, to relinquish full control to others because you are a perfectionist.  

You do enjoy relaxing, partying, socialising (in small but intense doses) and you’re probably up for fun and games at work, and being boss can add a layer of complexity, even a barrier, here which you probably won’t enjoy.

Taurus in self-employment

Entrepreneurship attracts Taureans because you like to live the good life and that tends to require a fair bit of money. You like money very much and are motivated by material gain.

If you are a self disciplined Taurean then you can make a great success of an endeavour. However, if you’re still at the mercy of liking too much sleep and pleasure and leaning to overthinking and procrastination, then this might be a struggle.

Your propensity to enjoy managing money, understanding hospitality, and being such a talented natural aesthete opens up lots of self employment routes. You just need to manage your motivation and schedule.  

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