Taylor Swift fans had to phone 700 times for accessible tickets

Taylor Swift fans who need accessible seating blast system that only allows them to buy tickets by phone – as they describe calling up to 700 times just to get in the queue

  • Disabled fans say the process of getting accessible tickets is not equal 
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Taylor Swift fans have taken to Twitter to express their frustration about purchasing accessible seating tickets for the UK leg of the Eras tour.

Getting your hands on a pair of Taylor Swift tickets is a struggle for most, but for those that require accessible tickets the process seems even harder, with fans making hundreds of calls in an effort to just get in the queue for tickets.

Sophie Bevan, 30, from Nottinghamshire told Femail she made more than 600 calls to the ticket telephone number and was still unable to get in the queue.

The extra hurdle comes as individuals who require accessible seating are only able to purchase via telephone, unlike other fans who can buy their tickets online.

For these fans, the telephone is the only route to getting tickets, but many complain that the phone lines have poor queuing systems and are unable to take enough calls at once. 

Disabled fans argue that the process for getting accessible tickets is not equal 

The Taylor Swift enthusiasts argue that the current systems are inaccessible and ask for equal access to tickets alongside those purchasing standard tickets.

Pre-sale tickets for the British leg of Swift’s tour in 2024 went on sale on 10 July for fans that pre-ordered her album Midnights. 

Talking to Femail, Sophie Bevan said: ‘In 2023, I don’t understand why those of us in wheelchairs or with access requirements need to book tickets by phone and not online like everyone else.’

‘I get evidence is required but this could be supplied within 48 hours of an order. If companies insist on us buying by phone, the lines and staff resources need to be improved to meet demand.’

In a stream of furious tweets, she said: ‘Please please please @wembleystadiumcan we look at how disabled people book access tickets and make phone lines capable of numerous calls and better queues. To get thrown out at 10.59 and not get back in is so frustrating’

‘How is this fair… 400+ calls made to access line, can’t even get in queue phone line is too busy for capacity to get thrown out and not get back in is frustrating! @taylorswift13 its a shame wheelchair users will miss out on your tour due to policies’

‘1 hour and over 600+ calls and still can’t even get in a queue on @wembleystadium access line for tickets policies and systems for disabled tickets seriously need looking at!!’

Sophie Bevan, 30, from Nottinghamshire placed over 600 calls to the ticket telephone line before getting tickets 

‘2 hrs, 100s of calls & can’t even get into the disabled access ticket queue for @wembleystadium @taylorswift13 @scooterbraun

‘When your family get tickets to @taylorswift13 at @wembleystadium online and you still can’t get through on the phone as that’s the only way to get wheelchair tickets’

Luckily, after six and a half hours and over 700 phone calls, Sophie Bevan managed to secure tickets, even though ‘it was not an easy or pleasant experience’.

Other Taylor Swift fans who need accessible tickets also shared their anger at the situation on Twitter:

One said: ‘I am physically really struggling after the stress of getting tickets due to how inaccessible the process is my hand seized up because of having to constantly ring, my fatigue is AWFUL due to the stress. It shouldn’t be this hard to access gigs as a disabled person #TaylorSwift’

A second person added: ‘Calls to club Wembley has changed from going straight into a queue to the same as the disabled line. “high call volume. Try again” sick of pressing the call button when I’m already in pain from yesterday. Surely there’s easier way to get Taylor Swift tickets for access people.’

A third tweeted: ‘Hey @ticketek_AU, can you please listen to the disabled community? Your current systems are so inaccessible and exhausting. All we want is fair access. Please, do better! Still waiting for @taylorswift13 tickets’

A fourth person said: ‘Watching all the disabled people struggling to get Taylor Swift tickets because you can’t buy accessible seats online and the phone queue just hasn’t been working is making me SO mad, it should NOT be this hard for disabled people to access accessible seating for gigs! IN 2023!!!’

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