An OnlyFans model left her job as a teacher to pursue a career posting adult images and videos online.

Courtney Tillia worked as a teacher in a special needs school, before eventually quitting to pursue her dreams of being a model.

In fact, the American beauty has spoken before about how she found herself “depressed” while studying for a PHD, so decided to go for broke and follow a career in life coaching.

Now, she runs an OnlyFans account where subscribers are able to pay to see her posing for explicit snaps and performing steamy acts with her husband.

And, speaking on the Inside OnlyFans podcast, Courtney reflected on how her early transition into fitness modelling had landed her husband in an awkward situation with her employers.

She accused her partner of calling into the school office when her employers found her a** photos.

While Courtney was teaching, she remembered that she had begun to transition into fitness pictures and modelling.

“The school was very specific, you have to have your page on private, and I went by my middle name for a long time so my students couldn’t find me. So I went by Courtney Lynn on social media,” she explained.

“Well one day, my husband worked at the school with me, and he got called to the office. And the administration was too embarrassed to talk to me about my a** photos.”

With aspirations of becoming a popular model, Courtney had begun to seek followers and ‘likes’ by building her social media profiles, but it returned out her pictures had also reached an unintended audience – her workmates.

“And what happened was, everything that anybody looked up on the school server, saved to the school server,” she recalled.

“And so all the staff at the school were looking at my Instagram and my a** photos and they were saved to the school server.

“So they couldn’t handle looking at me and telling me about it, so they called my husband to the office to talk to him about my social media.”

Despite her husband’s embarrassment, Courtney looked back on the memory fondly, laughing: “I thought it was hilarious.”

And, it didn’t prevent her from becoming a successful adult model. On the same podcast episode Courtney revealed that her best ever month had seen her make $110,000 (roughly £80,000).

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