Teresa Giudice Rips 'F—ing Disgusting' Joe and Melissa After Gia Accuses Them of Lying About Her

Teresa storms out of the RHONJ reunion after calling up Gia over claims she said Joe could "do better than Melissa."

It wouldn’t be a “Real Housewives” reunion without a walkout and this year, it’s Teresa Giudice who went running for the door when things got heated between her, brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa.

In a sneak peek at Part 3 of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion, airing tonight, Teresa is asked about her brother’s claims that her daughter Gia Giudice said he could “do better” than Melissa.

To get to the bottom of things, Teresa actually whipped out her cell phone and called her daughter — who was at Coachella — before handing the phone over to Andy Cohen.

“Your mom just wanted to call you because the question was whether you told your uncle that he can do better than Melissa,” asked Andy, before Gia denied the accusation.

“I called him regarding the wedding, saying he should do the right thing, that Nonna and Nonno are looking down on them and my mom wanted him to walk her down the aisle,” said Gia. “I never told him that he could do better than my aunt Melissa. It’s sad, Zio Joe, that you’re trying to call me a liar.”

As all this was happening, Melissa looked back at her husband and, under her breath, told him to “leave it alone” and not comment. “Why would he ever make something like that up?” Melissa then asked, after Gia got off the phone.

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“Because he’s married to you,” Teresa shot back, before shifting focus to her brother.

“I was always good to you. I always put you first. We were best friends,” she said, before getting choked up. “This is disgraceful. This is absolutely disgraceful. I really can’t.”

With that, she got out of her seat and started walking toward the door.

“F—ing disgusting. This is not the way I would raise my children ever,” she shouted as she retreated. “Mommy and daddy, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t come following me!”

Tune into the reunion tonight to see what happens next.

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