TESCO shoppers could be missing out on loyalty points and lower prices because of a Clubcard "glitch".

Customers who have a Tesco credit card also automatically collect loyalty points when they spend elsewhere.

But Tesco credit card users who have it set up with Apple Pay and use their phone at the checkout need to swipe a Clubcard too.

Shoppers who are not aware of the quirk could be missing out on earning the loyalty points – and could also end up paying higher prices.

Tesco offers cheaper prices to Clubcard holders, with items as much as 50% cheaper than for shoppers who don't have a Clubcard.

That's on top of collecting one point for every £1 spent – or one point for every £2 on fuel – and 150 points would get you a £1.50 voucher.

Tesco Credit Card users can also pick up points when using their card at other retailers.

Shoppers on Twitter have complained to Tesco that they have missed out on points and cheaper prices.

One said: "Paid for a shop today with my credit card/Clubcard via Apple Pay and seems you can't link the Clubcard prices to the credit card/Clubcard meaning you lose out on the Clubcard prices."

Another tweeted "Can you explain why Clubcard points are no longer collected when payment is made via Apple Pay?"

Replying to complaints the Tesco Twitter account explained that Apple Pay is "not set up to recognise our incentive scheme".

Shoppers have previously complained about missing out on Tesco's Clubcard prices when ordering online.

Tesco's website says that when using Apple Pay you'll collect points "as normal".

It's not until further detailed pages on Apple Pay FAQs (frequently asked questions) that it mentions that you must "swipe your Clubcard before you pay to get your points as well".

Tesco said: "When a customer uses a Tesco Bank credit card in a Tesco store they collect points both for their shopping, and for paying with their Tesco Bank card. 

"If this is done using Apple Pay, customers must also first tap their Clubcard at the till to ensure they receive all their points, and any discounts.  

"Information regarding Apple Pay is in the welcome booklet, as well as on our website and online community pages.

"If a customer does not receive their full allocation of points and discounts we can correct this."

We've asked Tesco how many people are affected and what those who have missed out on points need to do, and will update when we hear back.

It's understood that talks are taking place to fix the issues, but there is no timescale for the fix.

For now, it means that anyone who uses a Tesco Credit Card and pays at the till with it using Apple Pay will also need to swipe a Clubcard separately in future to ensure they get Clubcard points and prices.

Tesco Bank is closing all its current accounts from November.

But it has launched a new spending card which can get you Clubcard points when you spend outside of Tesco.

Shoppers have been warned that they face higher prices due to supply issues.

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