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TESCO has brought back its 12-month delivery passes and it could save you a fortune on petrol.

Tesco has brought back annual passes and for shoppers who have to travel a fair distance to their nearest store, it could prove a real money saver.

Last month, petrol hit a record high price of 191.53p a litre and diesel hit 199.07p a litre.

That's up by a whopping 42.3% from a year ago – the biggest jump recorded since 1989.

According to most recent figures from The AA, current petrol prices have gone down to £184.5p a litre and 193.9p a litre for diesel.

Although this latest change could see the cost of filling up a tank drop by £10 within a fortnight, many households are struggling to cope with the extra outlay.

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But Tesco delivery passes mean you don't need to drive to and from the shop – and depending on how far you have to travel, it could save you hundreds on your fuel bill.

Of course, it depends where you live and how often you go shopping.

For example, if you live within a mile or two of a store, or stop off shop en route home from work, it might not cost anything extra to go shopping yourself.

But if you live further away, you could save more by using delivery passes.

You can check where your nearest Tesco is using the store locator tool – that way you can see for yourself whether it's worth it.

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How much can the passes save you?

For a one-off delivery slot, Tesco usually charges between £3.50 and £7.

The amount will vary based on the time of day and the day of the week you select, and how popular they are.

If you selected a £7 slot once a week, that would add up to a whopping £364 over the year.

But the 12-month pass costs £83.88 a year or £6.99 a month for anytime delivery.

According to the RAC's journey planner, if you made a round trip of 30 miles to your nearest supermarket, it would cost you around £3.40 in a medium car if you'd pay 180p a litre for fuel.

If you do that once a week, that adds up to £176.80 a year – more than twice the cost of the Tesco pass.

How much does delivery cost at other supermarkets?

Needless to say, Tesco isn't the only supermarket offering delivery services.

And some other major stores offer deals and discounts, so we'd recommend scouting around before you commit to any particular delivery pass.

For example, Sainsbury's offer an anytime delivery pass worth £40 for six months, or £80 for a year.

It also does a midweek (Tuesday to Thursday) pass for £40 a year. It works out at £1.54 for one delivery a week, or 77p if you go for the midweek option. Without a pass it costs £1 to £5 per delivery.

Asda do a 12-month anytime delivery pass for £6 – slightly cheaper than Tesco – but make sure you read any terms and conditions before you buy .

For example, there could be a limit to the number of deliveries you get per month.

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