Tesco shoppers have just weeks left to spend Clubcard vouchers before they expire

TESCO shoppers have weeks left to spend Clubcard vouchers before they expire, after the deadline was extended due to Covid.

The supermarket gave customers an extra six months to spend the loyalty scheme coupons due to disruption caused by the pandemic.

Vouchers that were set to expire in May are now due to run out in November, giving customers just over a month to cash them in.

Tesco said: "Clubcard vouchers with an extended expiry date will continue to work in the same way as they do today.

"They'll be accepted online, in-store and with Reward Partners.

"The expiry dates will be updated in your Clubcard app and in your online account; paper vouchers will be accepted at the checkout in-store."

The coupons that will expire at the end of November were allocated in May 2019.

They were originally due to end in May this year but the deadline was extended until November 30.

They're the final batch of vouchers that benefitted from the additional six months, and can be used both in-store and online.

Tesco Clubcard vouchers are handed out in February, May, August and November and are valid for two years.

You must have collected at least 150 Clubcard points before the cut off date in order to receive vouchers – you can double check the deadline online.

Customers can also buy Faster Vouchers using their Clubcard points at any time of year, and these are valid for 21 months.

How do Tesco Clubcard vouchers work?

Vouchers are collected when you shop with the supermarket and can then be used to pay for food, clothes and fuel at Tesco in store or online.

You getone point for every £1 spent – or one point for every £2 on fuel- and 150 points is equivalent to a £1.50 voucher.

Many shoppers choose to spend their coupons with Tesco's reward partners to get better value for money.

Points are worth up to three times more when you redeem them with one of the supermarket's partners.

At the moment, Tesco is offering Clubcard members deals with Disney Plus, English Heritage and the RAC.

How can I extend my points?

If you're worried about how to use up your vouchers before the deadline, there's a trick to extend them even further.

MoneySavingExpert has previously revealed a trick to extend points that are about to expire.

You can add another two years on to the deadline by making a small purchase on the Tesco Clubcard site with the voucher or vouchers you have.

The remaining balance of the voucher would then be credited back to your Clubcard account as points, reissued with newer expiry dates.

This means that if you spend 50p on a £10 voucher, you'll get £9.50 as new vouchers.


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