Antonio Banderas, a Spanish actor, director, producer and singer, is known worldwide for his stunning performances in films and television. Born in Malaga, Spain, on August 10, 1960, he started performing on stage in Madrid before making his film debut in 1982. Since then, he has appeared in numerous Hollywood and international films, becoming one of his generation’s most prominent and well-liked actors.

Since 1982’s Labyrinth of Passion, Antonio Banderas has been a film star. Antonio Banderas has had a long and successful career in the film industry, with a wide range of roles that have earned him both critics and commercial success. From his early works with Pedro Almodovar to his later Hollywood blockbusters, Banderas has established himself as one of the most talented actors of his generation. Here are the ten highest-grossing Antonio Banderas films.

9 Desperado-$25.4 million

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Robert Rodriguez directs Antonio Banderas as a guitar-playing gunslinger seeking retribution on a drug lord. Rodriguez’s sequel to El Mariachi stars Salma Hayek and Quentin Tarantino in an action-packed film. Action fans still revere Desperado despite its low box-office performance.

8 Once Upon a Time in Mexico -$98.2 million

Banderas plays Mariachi in this movie again; he is a former musician turned vigilante hired by a CIA operative Johnny Depp to end a coup d’état in Mexico. The Robert Rodriguez-directed film also features Salma Hayek, Willem Dafoe, and Mickey Rourke.

7 Spy Kids 2: The Isle of Lost Dreams-$119.7 million

In this family-friendly adventure film, Banderas plays retired spy Gregorio Cortez, who must rescue his kidnapped children with his wife, Ingrid (Carla Gugino). Robert Rodriguez directed Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara as the espionage kids. Children and families loved Spy Kids 2 for its humor, inventive inventions, and bright colors. Sequels and a popular franchise followed.

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6 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over- $197 million

Banderas is back as Gregorio Cortez in this third film in the series; he is now retired from the world of espionage and is in charge of a spy academy for young people. Sylvester Stallone, Salma Hayek, and George Clooney were among the all-star cast members in the film, which Robert Rodriguez also directed. Young audiences loved Spy Kids 3-D because of its exciting action scenes and innovative use of 3-D technology.

5 The Expendables 3- $214.6 million

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Although the film was part of a well-known franchise with a large ensemble cast of action actors, it did poorly compared to the previous entries. Yet, it managed to make a significant profit and led to Banderas’ great career in Hollywood.

4 Interview with the Vampire- $223.7 million

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Banderas plays the vampire Armand in this gothic horror movie based on the Anne Rice novel. He gives the main character Louis (Brad Pitt), a chance to join their ranks of the undead. Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst are also featured in the Neil Jordan-directed film.

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3 The Mask of Zorro -$250.3 million

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The Mask of Zorro is ranked 4th on the list of Antonio Banderas movies with the biggest global box office receipts. The film tells the tale of Alejandro Murrieta, a young robber played by Antonio Banderas who is educated by the ailing Zorro (Anthony Hopkins) to succeed him and exact revenge on his adversary Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson). The film won praise for its action sequences, Banderas’ acting, and faithfulness to the Zorro image.

2 Puss in Boots -$554.9 million.

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This animated film is a spin-off from the Shrek franchise. It features Antonio Banderas as the voice of the eponymous character. Puss in Boots embarks on a journey to steal magical beans that lead to a giant’s palace. The film was a commercial success, generating over half a billion dollars at the box office, and was well-received by both viewers and critics.

1 Shrek the Third- $798 million.

Shrek 3 stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots. While juggling parenting in the film, Shrek searches for a suitable heir to the Far Far Away throne. The film grossed well and had mixed reviews. The sequel to the 2001 film Shrek is this animated comedy by directors Andrew Adamson and Kelly Asbury. In the movie Puss in Boots, a swashbuckling feline that becomes one of Shrek’s companions is voiced by Antonio Banderas. One of the highest-grossing animated pictures of all time, Shrek 2, enjoyed tremendous commercial success.

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