The Hilfiger Touch: Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s $50 Million Plaza Hotel Penthouse

Thomas Jacob Hilfiger’s journey to becoming a fashion designer began when he launched a chain of jeans and fashion stores called People’s Place in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which sold clothes from New York City. After the business went into loss, he opened Tommy Hill in 1979. By 1985, Hilfiger launched his line under Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. Within a few years, the company had 1,400 stores around the globe. Hilfiger’s company is worth $3 billion today, and the mogul has managed to amass a $450 million net worth. With his ever-growing fortune, it is not a surprise that Hilfiger loves to buy, renovate and sell his properties. His real estate portfolio includes homes in Florida, Connecticut, Greenwich, and New York City.

One of his most iconic homes is the Plaza Hotel Penthouse, located on Fifth Avenue in New York. Envisioned by him and his wife Dee Ocleppo, the home features a beautiful interior and seamless designs. Let’s take a look inside the infamous $50 million Plaza Hotel Penthouse.

A Residence For Icons

Plaza Hotel has been a landmark and set backdrop for classic movies such as Home Alone 2 and books such as Eloise. It remains one of the most iconic buildings in the city of New York, so it isn’t a surprise that Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee wanted to purchase a property at this prime spot. The family purchased two units in 2008 from the hotel’s developer and combined them into a single unit, as noted by Town And Country Mag.

The units have been home to the most iconic people, including Marilyn Monroe, The Rolling Stones, and even The Beatles, which was one of the reasons why The Hilfigers purchased the property. They stated the other reason to be the magnificent view and the buildings surrounding the well-known neighborhood. Their duplex corner penthouse spans across 6,000 sq. ft. and was purchased for $25.5 million. The Hilfiger’s put in another $20 million for the renovation, raking the price to $50 million.

The 12-room home has been renovated with marble-designed rooms, vintage limestones for fireplaces, and a customized mural. The one-of-a-kind penthouse offers stunning views from every corner of the house.

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A Hilfiger Touch To Interiors

The entrance foyer of the penthouse leads straight to the living room that features a two-toned portrait of Elizabeth Taylor. Two white leather couches and staked bookshelves give a comforting atmosphere. The home features one of the two domes in the building, converted into a Tea Room by the Hilfigers. According to Mansion Global, the family commissioned Henry Knight, the illustrator of the Eloise books, to hand-paint a mural for the room. The Dome Room leads to the Dining Area on the lower level of the apartment with a stocked bar area. The home features a bistro-inspired kitchen with gold hardware and aluminum tray ceilings.

The red-carpet staircase leads to the upper floor with four bedrooms, each decorated with a different theme. For one of Hilfiger’s younger sons, the room has a Nautical theme which includes a Boat-shaped bed, a nautical-themed chandelier, and other accessories. The room is in the shades of red, navy blue, white, which are also the colors of the iconic brand.

The next room for Hilfiger’s daughter Elizabeth has a Lavender Fields theme as everything in the room is in the hues of lavender. The room features a comfortable couch and study desk. The Guest Room has a Rock ‘n Roll theme and is decorated in shades of black and white.

The Master Suite is the biggest room in the penthouse, decorated in hues of white and gold. As mentioned by Mr. Good Life, the room has a mini-bar and coffee cabinet close to the spacious bed. The room has a beautiful terrace that overlooks Central Park. The couple gets their own space with separate closets and dressing rooms. The spa-inspired bathroom comes with separate sinks as well.

A Penthouse To Remember

One of the best rooms in the penthouse is Hilfiger’s office, located on the lower floor. It is a small yet cozy room lined with bookshelves in every direction. The room is also home to some of the most precious and vintage collectibles of the fashion designer. Perched on the top is one of the original New York Times signs, which used to be located on 43rd Street. It was bought specifically for the room, as stated by Hilfiger during his Architectural Digest Tour.

Hilfiger has also preserved some of the most iconic gifts he has received from his famous friends. The entrance of his office features three framed pictures which were a gift from Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, and the bookshelf holds some special books gifted by Karl Lagerfeld. Behind the desk, Hilfiger has displayed a Charles Wiggins painting, a gift from his wife, Dee. Lastly, the room has pictures of cherished memories captured by Annie Lebovitz.

From the entrance to the open balconies, every feature of the room boasts a magnificent city view. With the meticulously designed interior, this $50 million penthouse is the most beautiful residence at the Plaza Hotel. As the Hilfigers have plans to move out of New York, the couple sold the property to an auto tycoon in October 2019.

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