The McDonald's Secret Menu Items of 2023

The McDonald’s Secret Menu Items of 2023: How Brits can get their hands on a McChicken Mozzarella or McChicken Barbecue despite them not sold in UK

  • McDonald’s secret menu items from other countries can be ‘ordered’ in the UK
  • Items range from Brazil’s McChicken Barbecue to Australia’s Cheese Fries
  • McDonald’s adds fan-made secret menu ‘hacks’ to its official offerings

McDonald’s restaurants from all over the globe offer a range of items that simply can’t be found on the United Kingdom menu.

The secret menu is legendary amongst dedicated customers of the fast food chain as it offers them a way to customise their orders to their heart’s content.

However, as well as off-menu specialties becoming a common trend, using a few tricks UK customers can now craft menu items found only in other countries.

These feature items such as the McChicken Mozzarella found only in South Korea and the Triple Chicken Mayo from Spain. 

Using carefully crafted hacks and some DIY using the menu, buyers can make a range of these items without leaving the country. 

Here is a list of foreign menu items you can make yourself in the UK: 

In addition to secret menu items becoming a common trend, using a few tricks, UK customers can now craft items found only in other countries

Triple Chicken Mayo

  • Price to Make: £3.57 
  • Ingredients needed: Three Mayo Chicken Sandwich (£1.19) 

While the UK McDonald’s has now introduced the Triple Cheeseburger onto their menu’s, customer’s are yet to receive a Triple Chicken Mayo. 

Thankfully, the Spanish delicacy can be simply made using three items. 

To build this item, all you will need is three Mayo Chicken Sandwiches, and then insert two of the chicken patties into one bun.

The Triple McChicken Sandwich that can only be found in Spanish McDonald’s stores

McChicken Mozzarella

  • Price to Make: £6.78
  • Ingredients needed: McChicken Sandwich (£4.49) & (Mozzarella Dippers (£2.29)

This unique burger from South Korea that includes mozzarella dippers can be made using only two items from the UK menu.

Making this item is thankfully quick and easy, to make it all you will need is a classic McChicken Sandwich and top it with Mozzarella Dippers.

In Korea, the burger is also topped with a special sauce, however, you can add your own if you prefer.  

Although Mozzarella Dippers are not currently featured on the menu, customers can wait for their return this year or opt for the current cheese side option of the Cheesy Garlic Bites for £2.29.

The McChicken Mozzarella from South Korea is the perfect option for those looking to try something new

Almighty Texan BBQ Bacon Burger 

  • Price to Make: £2.69
  • Ingredients needed: Bacon Double Cheeseburger (£2.69), Mayonnaise (free) & Barbecue Sauce (free)

New Zealand’s Almighty Texan BBQ Bacon Burger is perfect for barbeque lovers and needs little to none customisation. 

All you will need is a Bacon Double Cheeseburger, with ketchup, mustard and pickles removed, and them top it with free barbeque sauce and mayonnaise. 

This simple yet effective burger is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  

Contrary to its name, the Almighty Texan BBQ Bacon Burger is found on the New Zealand menu

Quarter Pounder BLT

  • Price to Make: £5.29
  • Ingredients needed: Quarter Pounder with Cheese (£4.49), Bacon (60p), Tomato (20p) & Lettuce (free)

For those looking to built their own take of the BLT next time you visit McDonald’s, look no further than Canada’s very own Quarter Pounder BLT.

To craft this item, buyers will need a Quarter Pounder with Cheese with an add on of both bacon, lettuce and tomato. 

Although the customisation may add a little to your typical meal, the changes will transport you to another country without the cost of a plane ticket.  

Canada’s Quarter Pounder BTL gives customers an interesting take on the classic BLT 

McChicken Barbecue 

  • Price to Make: £5.49 
  • Ingredients Needed: McChicken Sandwich (£4.49), Bacon (60p), Cheese (40p), Fresh Onion (free) & Barbecue Sauce Pot (Free)

The McChicken Barbecue is yet to be included on the British menu, but the Brazilian burger can be made easily.

Your order for this burger will consist of a McChicken Sandwich, with an add on of bacon, cheese, and fresh onion.

Customers will also need to remove the mayonnaise and shredded lettuce.

Once you have your order add your free barbecue sauce onto the burger, and there you have it.

Brazil’s McChicken Barbecue will be perfect for anyone looking for a saucy change to their usual meal

Loaded Bacon & Cheese Basket of Fries

  • Price to Make: £2.69
  • Ingredients needed: Medium Fries (£1.69), Bacon (60p) & Cheese (40p)

This Australian item is sure to become a favourite for fries lovers.

It can be made quick and easily by adding bacon and cheese to your standard order of fries.

For those wanting the cheese melted, quickly popping them under the grill or in the microwave is sure to give the desired finish.  

McDonald’s is introduced their  Loaded Fries in all restaurants in Australia in a world first

Mont Blanc Burger 

  • Price To Make: £7.38
  • Ingredients needed: Quarter Pounder with Cheese (£4.49), Bacon (60p), Mozzarella Dippers (£2.29), Lettuce (Free), & Mayonnaise (Free)

The Mont Blanc Burger from Russia features the interesting addition of a cheese patty on their beef burgers.

Although you can’t get a whole cheese patty on the UK menu, this can be substituted for Mozzarella Dippers or whatever cheese side is on the current menu.

Grab a Quarter Pounder burger, remove the ketchup and pickles, add in your bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise and finish it off with your Mozzarella Dippers. 

The Russian Mont Blanc Burger provides a twist on the usual Quarter Pounder Burger

Coke Float

  • Price to Make: £2.11
  • Ingredients needed: Coca Cola (1.27) & Mini McFlurry (99p)

The Coke Float may appear to be an unusual for UK customers, however, it is the perfect item on a  warm day in Hong Kong.

Although this item may be a little messy to craft, the end result is worth the work.

The items consist of the classic Coca Cola and a Mini McFlurry – you can customise for the ice cream to be without the toppings on top.

To make, simply mix the two together.

The Hong Kong menu features the interesting Coke Float that people can make using two items

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