The Most Expensive Marbles In The World, Ranked

Marbles can cost from a few hundred dollars to a whopping million dollars.

In interior designing, marble is a timeless symbol of elegance and sophistication. With its unique veining and color variations, this natural stone has been a favorite of architects and designers for centuries. However, not all marbles are created equal. Some types are far more expensive than others due to their rarity, quality, and origin. 

The variety of colors, patterns, and textures in marble make it a versatile choice for any design style. From classic to contemporary, marble can elevate any space to new heights of sophistication.

9 Amazonite Green Marble – $100 Per Square Meter

With its captivating green hue, Amazonite Green Marble is a sight to behold. Originating from the Amazon River region, this marble boasts a unique pattern that resembles the flowing water of the river. Its vibrant color and unique texture make it a popular choice for high-end residential and commercial projects. The rarity of this marble, combined with its stunning appearance, contributes to its high price. Designers often use Amazonite Green Marble as a focal point in spaces, creating a sense of luxury and opulence.

8 Giallo Atlantide Marble – $100 Per Square Meter

Giallo Atlantide Marble, another gem in the marble world, hails from Egypt, according to Dedalo. Its golden yellow hue, interspersed with deep veins, gives it a luxurious appeal. This marble is a testament to the beauty that nature can create, making it a sought-after material for opulent interiors. The rich color and intricate veining of Giallo Atlantide Marble make it an ideal choice for countertops, flooring, and wall cladding. Its high price reflects its rarity and the craftsmanship required to extract and process it.

7 Greek White Thassos – $400 Per Square Meter

Quarries on the Greek island of Thassos produce Greek White Thassos, renowned for their pure white color. Its lack of veining gives it a minimalist appeal, making it a popular choice for modern interiors. Its high price reflects its quality and rarity. People often use Greek White Thassos in spaces where they desire a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Its pure white color makes it an ideal choice for creating a sense of spaciousness and light in any room. According to RMS Marbles, this marble can cost up to $400 per square meter.

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6 Carrara White Statuario – $430 Per Square Meter

Carrara White Statuario, a marble that needs no introduction, is synonymous with luxury. Quarried in Carrara in Italy, this marble has a white background with distinct gray veins. The high demand and limited availability contribute to its hefty price tag of $430 per square meter, according to The Most Expensive. High-end residential and commercial projects frequently use Carrara White Statuario for its classic beauty and timeless appeal.

5 Bianco Dolomiti – $409 Per Square Meter

Bianco Dolomiti, a Turkish marble, is known for its pure white color and subtle, linear veins, and people often use it in bathrooms and kitchens to create a sense of serenity and calm. Despite its high price, the demand for Bianco Dolomiti remains high due to its timeless beauty. The high cost of Bianco Dolomiti is a testament to its quality and the effort involved in its extraction and processing.

4 Breccia Capraia – $861 Per Square Meter

Breccia Capraia is an Italian marble known for its intricate pattern. A mix of light and dark veins adorns its white background, creating a captivating contrast. This marble’s complex pattern and high price make it a symbol of extravagance. People often use Breccia Capraia in spaces where they want to make a bold, dramatic statement. Its striking appearance makes it a popular choice for feature walls, countertops, and flooring in high-end projects.

3 Calacatta – $1,938 Per Square Meter

Calacatta marble, another Italian marvel, is one of the most expensive marble in the world. Its white background and dramatic gray veins give it a distinctive look. Despite its high price, Calacatta remains a favorite among those seeking luxury and elegance. The high cost of Calacatta marble reflects its rarity and the craftsmanship required to extract and process it.

2 Nero Portoro – $2,853 Per Square Meter

Nero Portoro, a black marble with golden veins, is a true embodiment of luxury. Quarried in Italy, this marble is as expensive as it is beautiful. Its striking contrast between the black background and gold veins makes it a statement piece in any interior. Its high price of a whopping $2,853 per square meter reflects its exclusivity and the effort involved in its extraction and processing.

1 LuxTouch – $1 Million Per Square Meter

LuxTouch takes the crown as the world’s most expensive marble or tile. This tile is inlaid with diamonds, mother of pearl, and marble, making it a piece of art. According to Black Diamond, the cost of this marble is a gigantic $100,000 per tile, which takes the price per square meter to almost a groundbreaking $1 Million. LuxTouch is often used in the most extravagant projects, where no expense is spared in pursuing luxury and beauty.

In conclusion, marble continues to be a symbol of luxury and sophistication. The price of these marbles reflects their rarity, beauty, and the effort involved in their extraction and processing. Despite their high cost, they remain in demand, proving that beauty and quality are priceless. As the design world continues to evolve, marble’s timeless appeal ensures that it will remain a sought-after material for years to come.

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