If you’ve been sofa hunting recently, you’ve probably been inundated with green velvet options. 

However, 2021’s most popular sofa colour has been revealed and it’s a little surprising. 

It seems grey is still a firm favourite with customers, with a total of 67,971 average monthly searches this year – according to Homedit.com, which analysed global Google search volumes from January to August.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen bolder and brighter colours replace popular grey shades.

But it looks like people just can’t shake the neutrality of grey – as it’s the most popular choice once again.

Although, there is one colour that’s creeping up the rankings.

Pink was the second most popular sofa colour, with 37,000 searches – followed by blue in third position and white in fourth, with 31,586 and 30,400 respectively. 

Green, on the other hand, came fifth on the list – with 29,243 monthly searches.

So what it is about grey that makes people so drawn to it time and time again?

Richard Petrie, an interiors expert for Thomas Sanderson, says: ‘Although we see different colours emerging every year amongst new interior trends, we can find ourselves going back to the same colours when decorating.

‘Neutrals will never be out of fashion. They create a safe, restful living space that allows us to introduce colour through accessories or soft furnishings that are lower risk than committing to a bolder colour overall.

‘We find that while bright colourful shutters and vibrant curtain patterns make great features in your interior theme, neutral shades complement any style, giving you the freedom to change parts of the room without remodelling each window to match.’

Multi-sensory expert Russell Jones and author of The Power of Your Senses adds that it’s quite unusual that grey dominates interior choices.

He tells Metro.co.uk: ‘When you look at colour psychology, the fact that grey is so popular is surprising seeing as it’s not particularly linked to many positive attributes.’

But Russell stresses that while people might dip their toe in other colour trends, they may find themselves returning to what they know and feel confident with.

Russell adds: ‘The fact that we as individuals (or culturally) come back to the same colours time and again, says a lot about our connection to the sensory elements of our environment. Familiarity and nostalgia play a huge role in the positive effects of anything from colour, to music and smells. 

‘We will have built up positive sensorial memories with the colours, and after a short liaison away will find ourselves wanting them back.’

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