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Despite being part of the most famous family in the world, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s three children are allowed to lead as normal a life as possible when they’re behind closed doors.

But their public royal life is a different matter and there are some surprising royal rules that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be required to observe as they grow up.

“At the moment when the children are young it would be too hard to enforce but as they get older they’ll be expected to follow lots of rules,” says Royal expert Duncan Larcombe.

“This will mainly be in public but also in large family situations. The family operates like a private army in that they have a military-style structure where everyone serves the monarch and everyone has their place.

“The Queen’s children were brought up in a very formal way but the rules have been softened with the next generation. But there will be conventions that will always have to be adhered to.”

Here are some of the rules the royal children will have to abide by:

Separate travel

There’s a well-established royal rule that heirs to the throne cannot travel together by plane in case tragedy should strike.

As George is still so young, he’s permitted to travel with his father Prince William and his siblings, but the special royal rule will come into play once he turns 12. Family holidays will never be the same again!

Standing order

No doubt it’s a free for all at home but whenever the royal children are in public, where they stand is a matter of protocol.

Whether they’re appearing on the Buckingham Palace balcony or accompanying their parents on Royal engagements, George will always have to stand or walk in front of Charlotte and Louis.

Proper names only

No one knows what terms of endearment William and Kate use for their children, but one thing’s for sure, all nicknames are banned in public.

You may have noticed that Prince William always refers to his wife as Catherine in public and the same formality will apply to their children. So definitely no referring to Charlotte as ‘Lottie’ or ‘Charlie’.

Strict dress code

In public, the royals have strict rules when it comes to dress on public engagements. Which is why Prince George wore a formal suit and tie when he accompanied his parents to the Euro 2020 football final at Wembley in July rather than a football shirt.

Now George is eight, we can expect to see him wearing long trousers instead of shorts but we’re unlikely to see him in a football shirt any time soon. Likewise, Charlotte will be expected to wear dresses with tights.

Royal protection

The royal children are growing up accustomed to the presence of protection officers wherever they go. They may find this annoying when they hit their teens but George will have round-the-clock security protection for life, while his siblings can expect the same at least until they are adults.

So there certainly won’t be any sneaking out of rooms for a night on the town for the royal trio.

Language learning

The life of a royal inevitably means forging ties with other nations, so it’s no surprise that the royal children will be expected to learn a foreign language.

Their grandfather Prince Charles is said to be a talented linguist, fluent in French, German and Swahili among other languages. And Prince William did an adept job of speaking French during his and Kate’s royal tour to Canada.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are said to be learning Spanish already, the most widely-spoken language on the planet.

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