These pretty influencer-loved vitamins are actually worth the hype

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Hunting for the perfect multivitamin to supplement your diet can be overwhelming. Unless you’re tight with a nutritionist and a knowledgeable doctor, selecting the right supplement often feels like a shot in the dark. But this influencer-favorite vitamin brand takes some of the guesswork out of vitamins.

Multivitamin brand Ritual delivers to your door every month (or just once, if you want to try the brand on for size) — and influencers love the aesthetically-pleasing vitamins. But the look of Ritual vitamins is less about curb appeal and more about science. The capsules get their unique look from dry-ingredient beadlets floating in oil-based ingredients, which provides a slow release.

“This technology is designed to be gentle on an empty stomach — with delayed-release capsules designed to dissolve later, in the less sensitive, more absorptive areas of the gut,” Kat Schneider, founder of Ritual, tells Forbes.

Users take two Ritual vitamins a day at any time, with or without food.

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Ritual vitamins are vegan, gluten-free, and free of major allergens. They also have no artificial colorants or synthetics, unlike many vitamins on the market. To top it off, the capsules have a pleasing peppermint smell and taste. That’s thanks to a peppermint oil-infused tab in each bottle.

What won’t you find in Ritual? Well, these vitamins don’t include calcium and vitamin C, which many consider multivitamin staples. The reason why is simple. According to the company, many adults already get enough of each in their diet, and excess can impact absorption of other essential nutrients.

Instead of including calcium and vitamin C, Ritual focuses on supporting these nutrients with “helper nutrients,” including vitamin D3, vitamin K2, boron and magnesium. The company has various testimonials by medical professionals and third-party double-blind clinical studies to back up its claims.

All the ingredients are sustainable and traceable, with the brand disclosing each ingredient’s origin, efficacy and purpose. Even the bottles, though plastic, are made of recycled material.

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As a vegan, vitamins are essential, supplementing what I may be missing by eating plant-based. I decided to try Ritual after hearing every vegan influencer ever rave about the vitamins — and learning they may kinder to my sensitive stomach. Luckily, Ritual is worth the viral hype.

The capsules have a pleasing taste, unlike many of my other daily pills. The pills even go down easy, despite being large. Ritual vitamins are indeed light on my stomach, even though I take them first thing each morning on an empty tummy. The women’s vitamins contain plenty of B12 and iron, two essentials for someone on a vegan diet. Plus, they effortlessly arrive at my door every month without thought.

At $30 for 60 capsules (a month supply), these vitamins are mid-range for the multivitamin market. But with traceable ingredients, a thoughtful formula and science-backed claims, I feel more confident taking Ritual than any other multivitamin I’ve tried.

Credit: Ritual

Though I don’t notice a major difference on or off a multivitamin, I trust that Ritual is doing good for my body — especially as a vegan. And much of that trust stems from the education, transparency and reputable studies done by the company to make multivitamins a little less intimidating.

As always, talking with your doctor about any supplements you take is a good idea. But with the wealth of information provided by Ritual, you can go into that conversation with facts and knowledge to help you make the right decision for you.

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