This $25 Wi-Fi Extender Boosts Your Internet Signal to Help Get Rid of Dead Zones

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Few things are more annoying than a poor Wi-Fi connection, especially when you’re indoors and know your Wi-Fi router is nearby. But your internet connection can often be blocked by things like thick walls, furniture or flooring, and dead zones can pop up if your computer can’t detect the router.

Fortunately, sites like Amazon are now selling Wi-Fi extenders (also called Wi-Fi range extenders) that can help boost your internet connection to ensure smooth, uninterrupted coverage no matter where you are in the house.

We like this one, from TP-Link, which is one of the most-trusted Wi-Fi accessories brands in the market today. TP-Link’s RE315 Wi-Fi Extender is a plug-and-play device that promises to boost your internet coverage by up to 1500 square feet.


TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender With Ethernet Port$49.99 $24.99Buy Now On Amazon

Regularly $49.99, it’s on sale right now for Prime Day, with an Amazon deal getting you the best-selling Wi-Fi extender for just $24.99 (a massive 50% discount).

The RE315 is one of the most popular Wi-Fi range extenders online, thanks to its easy setup and easy connectivity. Simply plug the unit into any standard outlet and turn it on to pair with your router. The extender uses an antenna to pick up your router’s signal, and then works to spread the coverage out to parts of the room where your signal is low.

An “intelligent signal indicator” helps you find the best place to plug in: a white light means you’ve got a strong signal; a red light means you’re too far away from the router and should plug the TP-Link into an outlet elsewhere. In our testing, we’ve found that the range extender works best when placed between the router and the room where signal strength is low (rather than in the room itself).

The RE315 range extender is compatible with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, Wi-Fi routers and Wi-Fi Access Points. While it’s great with wireless routers, you can also plug in an Ethernet cable to turn any wired connection into a high-speed Wi-Fi signal.


TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender$49.99 $24.99Buy Now On Amazon

In addition to boosting coverage, the RE315 delivers up to 1200Mbps of lightning fast internet speed, making it easy to get streaming and gaming without a dropped signal. Up to 30 devices can be connected to this wireless range extender too, making it easy for everyone to get online.

Everything is managed via the TP-Link Tether app, which lets you monitor internet strength, adjust settings and see who’s using your network all from the convenience of your phone.

Regularly $49.99+, use this Amazon offer to get the TP-Link RE315 Wi-Fi Extender on sale for just $24.99. As with all Amazon deals, pricing could change at any time, so we recommend adding this to cart now. See full details here.

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