This £40 gadget has gone viral on TikTok for cleaning your makeup brushes in minutes

There’s no task more arduous than cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges, and although we know how important it is to keep your brushes clean, more often than not we end up skipping the job because of how time consuming it can be.

However, you can always count on TikTok to discover a hack that makes your beauty routine more manageable, and this time its come through with a handy little gadget that gets your brushes clean in minutes.

The Stylpro Spin And Squeeze, £39.99 here, helps give your brushes and sponges a whole new lease of life, and cuts down on the time you need to spend reviving them back to their former glory.

Keeping your makeup tools clean is essential, as they’re a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause spots, blemishes and skin irritation, not to mention cause conditions like acne to flare up or worsen.

Although we know how important it is to keep them spick and span, there’s no denying that usually the cleaning process can be time consuming, leaving your brushes damp and unusable for hours, and more often than not making quite a mess in the process.

Thankfully, TikTok’s new must-have gadget leaves your kit clean and dry in next to no time.

The Stylpro Spin And Squeeze, £39.99 here, comes with a full cleaning kit, including four makeup brush cleaner sachets, an 85ml bottle of sponge cleanser, and a range of different sized collars to suit just about any makeup brush, not to mention a sponge press device, and of course the bowl and spinning device used to clean and dry your brushes.

It couldn’t be easier to use, either. For brushes, simply select the right sized collar for your brush, then attach it to the pebble device. Add a sachet of cleanser to your bowl (without water), then dunk your brush in and out of the cleanser before turning on the device and letting it spin your brush in the cleanser for roughly 10 seconds

Depending on how dirty your brushes are you may need to do it for longer, but once you think its clean, life it out of the cleanser and continue to spin it for approximately 10 seconds. Don’t forget to keep it inside the bowl as you do this to stop yourself from getting cleanser everywhere!

If you have extra dirty brushes – no judgement – then you may need to repeat this process until your brush is completely clean.

For sponges, soak them in 20ml of your Sponge Sparkle Cleanser that comes with the kit, massaging it in using the Sponge Press.

Then fill your bowl to the line with boiling water, push the button on the press and pull the handle up to lock it open, and use it to knead your sponge against the bottom of the bowl to help release all the dirt and makeup that’s accumulated both inside and out.

Use the press to scoop your sponge out, before attaching it to the pebble and spinning it to return it to its former glory.

And there you have it! You can say hello to clean, healthy skin and smooth makeup application with a spotless makeup kit in next to no time, with minimal effort required.

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