This £7 microfibre towel will become your must-have accessory for outdoor adventures this summer – from hiking and camping to wild swimming

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When you’re packing for an off-road adventure or going on a camping trip and trying to travel light, it can be super annoying to make room for a large towel.

Not only does a towel take up a lot of space in a backpack, but it’s a lot heavier than clothes and even more so when wet.

So savvy Amazon shoppers are ditching the bath towel for the Eono essentials microfibre backpacking towel. This towel not only dries fast, but it folds up into a neat little case taking up about the same amount of space as a large pair of sunglasses.

Amazon shoppers are ditching their bath towels for the Eono essentials microfibre backpacking towel (from £6.99), which dries up to ten times faster than a regular cotton towel 

It’s the number one bestseller in Amazon’s camping and hiking towels category with an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and shoppers are especially impressed by how light it is.

‘It doesn’t weigh me down at all,’ praised one delighted shopper in their review. ‘I have recently started cycling into work and showering when I get there, so having something small and light to put in a backpack was essential.

‘I also use it for hiking – giving me a decent sized towel for the space of half a hand towel.’

Another added: ‘This is amazing for the beach. It absorbs water really easily, and you get dried in a jiffy, and the towel then dries quickly, too, compared to a normal cotton towel.

‘It has a zipped storage pocket in one corner, and I like that it has a loop with popper fixing so you can attach it to your sunbed, so if there is a breeze when you are not sitting on it, it will not blow away and get lost.’

The towel comes with a soft zipped case so if you’re on the go you can still pack it away without everything else in your bag getting wet

Thanks to its lightweight fibres, the towel can dry up to ten times faster than a regular cotton towel.

And unlike cotton towels, which often start to smell with prolonged use, the Eono microfibre towel features a special antimicrobial coating that repels bacteria and mildew and prevents that damp smell.

If you’re away on a camping trip, this towel will last weeks without having to be washed and will last for years, which makes it excellent value for money given that the Small size is just £7.99.

But it’s important to note that to get the best use out of it, you should pat yourself dry rather than rub. This is to ensure that the towel can properly absorb the moisture from your body and soak it up into its fabric.

Ideal for the beach, backpacking, and camping, there are three different sizes  of the towel to choose from and eight colourways

This works out as convenient for people with sensitive skin, as one Amazon shopper explained: ‘I would highly recommend for anyone with sensitive skin or sunburn as there is no need to rub the towel on your skin, you just pat dry.’

Available in three sizes, you can pick the towel to suit your adventure and choose from eight different colours, including bright pink and orange or a more understated grey.

A 30 x 60cm one is suitable for backpacking adventures when you only need to wash your face and intimate parts, while the 90 x 180 cm and the 100 x 200cm are more suitable for camping trips and fun at the beach. 

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