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A Dallas-based American Airlines employee is being praised for his even-keeled professionalism after he was filmed masterfully handling an unruly flyer who allegedly called his colleague a “bitch.”

In the now-viral clip, which currently has more 86,000 upvotes on Reddit, an unidentified check-in clerk can be seen telling a customer she won’t be allowed on her flight to Miami out of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport due to her “profane language,” a rep for American Airlines confirmed to The Post.

The dispute broke out after the not-so-friendly flyer — quickly dubbed a “Karen” by the social media masses — allegedly ripped into staffers for telling her to wear a mask, per the footage that’s since spread like digital wildfire on Twitter.

“You called my employee a ‘bitch,’ [and it was] completely uncalled for and inappropriate,” said the level-headed staffer, calmly adding that the woman “was not going to travel.”

The cool cucumber continued: “We don’t tolerate that crap with us, at all. So you can find another carrier to fly with. I suggest Spirit [Airlines],” he said, perhaps with just a hint of snark punctuating that last part.

At that point the, the flustered traveler tried to claim that she never called his co-worker a “bitch,” whereupon the employee retorted that there were “other people who heard you say it, as well.”

The clip concludes with the manager chastising the woman for neglecting to wear a mask before she approached the check-in desk.

“If you don’t follow our policy, it’s a pure end of discussion,” he explained. “If you don’t wan’t to follow a federal mask mandate, and then on top of that calling a vulgar name to my employee, it’s not gonna happen.”

American Airlines detailed the incident in a statement to The Post: “On July 17, a customer was not allowed to travel on American Airlines flight 2823 with service from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) to Miami (MIA) after failing to comply with the federal mask mandate and addressing one of our team members using profane language. We expect our customers to comply with our policies and treat everyone with respect when they choose to travel with us, and we take action when that is not the case. We applaud our team member for standing up for their colleague.”

Meanwhile, impressed social media watchdogs heaped praise on the airport employee for handling the chaotic situation so expertly.

“This man is professional to another level,” fawned one newfound fan.

Another wrote, “That was a master class in how calmly to shut down a Karen. That dude should be charging for classes on his technique.”

“He’s wonderful and I really hope the trend of seeing people stop giving a f–k and telling a–holes like this in the most polite but insistent terms to ‘f–k off,’” fumed one fed-up flyer. “The rise of the Karen and Kevin is a direct result of spoiled children being raised by parents who give in to their every whim and then corporations do the same when they become adults.”

This isn’t the first time air staffers have been lauded for kicking an alleged maskhole to the curb. This past April, an entire plane of Southwest Airlines customers were filmed applauding the removal of a woman accused of violating federal face mask mandates.

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