Written by Amy Beecham

Artist Justyna Green has been documenting the beauty of life’s little moments and simple pleasures for the London Design Festival. 

“What are you grateful for?” is the question artist Justyna Green is asking 100 people in the creative industry as part of her new exhibition at the London Design Festival.

The London-based illustrator, known for her distinctive style combining organic patterns with an uplifting colour palette, has created art inspired by hugs, swimming, yoga, green space and even squirrels as part of the series, based on what her respondents said they felt thankful for throughout the pandemic.

“The project was born from the idea that even in the toughest life situations, there’s always something to be grateful for. Covid has surprised all of us and presented many challenges, and so the project’s goal is to bring the creative community together around a positive and universal idea,” explains Green.

“I wanted this project to put a smile on people’s faces, to ease their sorrows and create moments of grateful reflection. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the pandemic and I wanted to support creatives who – like everyone else – have been under pressure and subjected to prolonged periods of uncertainty. With lockdown easing, it felt like the right time to amplify feelings of hope and positivity.”

And it’s not only the sentiment behind the illustrations that’s so lovely. Just look at how stunning they are:

100 Days of Gratitude: Being alive

100 Days of Gratitude: Coffee

100 Days of Gratitude: Becoming a mother

100 Days of Gratitude: Illustrations on my body

100 Days of Gratitude: Lidos

100 Days of Gratitude: Freedom of expression

Alongside the in-person exhibition, Green is also sharing the images, and the inspiration behind them, over on Instagram.

The exhibition will be open between 18-26 September at Residency – a sustainable pop-up shop solution in Islington Square. 100 Days of Gratitude will be part of the London Design Festival and the Islington Design District.

Images: Justyna Green

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