French fry fans, prepare to super-size.

A North Carolina woman has shared a TikTok video showing how to make a unique dish: “crispy giant French fries.”

Erica Kuiper told Fox News that she made the fries after being inspired by another user, @rudolphclara.

“She made it and I was like, ‘OK, I have to try this,'” Kuiper said. “My family thought they were breadsticks.”

“I always make game day snacks,” she added. “We eat apps and watch the game.”

In her video, Kuiper lists the few ingredients required to make the big fries. Three medium potatoes, salt, pepper, onion power, corn starch and olive oil is all you need to pull it off. 

“Cornstarch makes it crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside,” she said. 

She rolls into lengthy shapes, places onto parchment paper and pops into the oven for either 20 minutes at 375 degrees, or 10 minutes at 425.

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TikTok users called the hand-held snack a “winner.”

One commenter suggested using an air fryer and a few others said they’d try mixing in shredded cheese. 

Earlier this week, Kuiper shared her mess-free ketchup dipping hack with Fox News and lucky enough, the method also works with the giant fries, she said.

Kuiper said she and her friend are starting a new food series on TikTok, #touchdownsnack, where different dishes are shared ahead of all football games.

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