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Spring is here! Well, not officially, but close enough. Now that it’s Daylight Savings time, the days feel longer and the itch to get outside and garden is stronger than ever. If you’re already an avid gardener, now is the best time to stock up on all of the essentials for the season. New to being a plant parent? Don’t worry. We’ll have you at pro status in no time. Luckily this non-toxic plant care line just arrived at Target, and it will keep all of your plants and vegetables fresh — even if you don’t have a green thumb. Did we mention everything is just $15?

Arber is the world’s first plant wellness company, and it’s now available at Target. The brand offers supplements, concentrates, and fungicides that make your plants’ health a priority. You can use the line of products to treat diseases that plague your plants, like pesky mold, or you can nourish them wiht the plant food that keeps them fed from root to tip. Each one is crafted with organic ingredients like recycled grocery store waste — and they are OMRI Certified.

Even TikTok users have caught on to Arber’s products. One posted a video of stocking up on the non-toxic garden products. Others posted how the products have helped their plants tremendously. Keep reading to learn more about the plant line.

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Ahead, see our favorite Aarber product available now at Target.

Arber Organic Bio Insecticide Concentrate

Stock up on Arber’s Organic Bio Insecticide Concentrate for “control and suppression of pest insects and nematodes both indoor and outdoor,” the brand says. You can use the concentrate on vegetables, fruits, nuts, shrubs, flowers, and more! The formula contains 20 organic compounds that keep gnats, mites, and stink bugs at bay.

“I love this stuff, and so happy Target carries it now!” one shopper exclaimed. “I add it to my indoor plants’ water on the watering day as preventative. The instructions say every eight weeks. I’m not positive I adhere strictly to that, but I have not had any pest issues. Love this stuff!”

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Arber Organic Plant Food Concentrate

Your plants need food. That’s why this plant food supplement is perfect for avid gardeners. The “food” enhances soil’s fertility thanks to its formula that is crafted with recycled supermarket food waste. The solution makes upkeeping your plants a breeze — it strengthens them from “root to shoot.”

“Just what my indoor plants needed!” a five-star reviewer wrote. “I have already seen great improvement in the leaf growth and health of my indoor Plants. I am excited to use this in my vegetable garden this summer!”

Arber Organic Bio Fungicide Concentrate

When plants start to yellow and spot, they need a little TLC. This Bio Fungicide Concentrate gets them back in shape. The fungicide acts as a plant stimulant that protects plants against diseases. It wards off powdery mildew, gray mold botrytis cinerea, black spot of Rose, and more.

Arber Organic Bio Protectant Concentrate

This concentrate also adds an extra layer of protection for your plants. It stimulates the roots and protects against diseases that destroy your favorite greenery and vegetables. Shoppers say it leaves their plants with “greener leaves, bigger blooms, stronger roots, and improved soil health.”

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