THE pensions minister today urges senior Sun readers to accept extra cash to help them face the cost-of-living  crisis.

Laura Trott fears that around 850,000 squeezed OAPs are missing out on a £1.7billion fund by not signing up for Pension Credit payments.

Low-income retirees can get more than £3,500 a year to support everyday costs, and the minister is determined to get as many signed up before December 18, which will entitle each one to an extra £324.

Claimants will also receive support such as council tax discounts, heating cost reductions and free TV licences.

Ms Trott praised people for spreading the word, saying: “We’ve been helped by Sun readers, local charities, companies and even a two-step by Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman.”

TV’s Len made a direct appeal to pensioners in a widely watched YouTube video earlier this year.

And Ms Trott said: “The Government is on the side of pensioners.
“Pension Credit makes a difference. Please help to spread the word.”

Spread word – it’s worth £3.5K a year

By Laura Trott, Minister for Pensions

THIS Christmas it is vital to check whether you or your loved ones could be eligible for Pension Credit, which is there to help pensioners on a low income with daily living costs.

The average Pension Credit award is worth over £3,500 a year, and those who apply by December 18 could also qualify for an extra £324 cost-of-living boost to help manage rising bills.

We are protecting pensioners on Pension Credit with an extra £900 next year too.

Even a small Pension Credit award can unlock further support – such as help with housing costs, council tax and heating bills. And for those over 75, this includes a free TV licence.

Around 1.4million pensioners receive Pension Credit. However, many people who could claim it are not – and I want to change this.

Over the next ten days I’m making it my mission to see the number of applications rise.

We’ve been helped by Sun readers, local charities, companies and even a two-step by Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman.

But we know that one of the best ways to reach pensioners is through words from friends and family.

If you think you or a loved one could be eligible – as a rule of thumb if they are over State Pension age and have a weekly income of less than £182.60 as a single person or £278.70 as a couple – check with them and check out our online Pension Credit calculator on or call 0800 99 1234

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