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SHOPPERS love hunting for clothes and other fashion pieces at Next, but there may be some tips you're missing out on.

These include what to look out for and what to avoid, which will help you bag the best quality stuff for the cheapest price.

If you're not sure where your nearest Next is, you can use the locator tool on its website.

And remember delivery costs if you're ordering online.

If you're ordering clothes to your home, make sure you know they fit first.

Next gives customers 14 days to return their orders, but still charges £2.50 to collect them back.

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And keep in mind if something's on sale or cheaper than you usually see it for, only buy it if you need it.

You're not saving any money otherwise.

You can compare items with other shops using tools like Google Shopping or the Latest Deals app to make sure it's worth purchasing.

Otherwise, without further ado, let's get into what you should and shouldn't buy from Next.

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What to buy

Items from Next sales

It's no secret that Next sales are popular among shoppers and can drive home deals as big as 70% off.

In particular, summer and Boxing Day sales can start from at least 50% off, but you'll be met with a crowd of shoppers to contend with.

For that reason, we recommend you browse online to see what's in the sale beforehand – that way you can drop by knowing what you're looking for.

Apart from anything else, the retailer's sale always launches online first.

It might also be best to call up your local store in advance to make sure they have what you're after in stock – especially during sale time, everything is most likely subject to availability.

Next also sells expensive brands like Ralph Lauren, Reiss, Ted Baker, Victoria's Secret, Adidas and more – they'll often be discounted too.

For example, there's currently a Reiss Navy Chase Brushed Twin Pocket Overshirt on sale for £45 – it's usually £98.

It's worth mentioning you can also get early access to sales with a Next VIP pass.

To receive a VIP sale invite, you will need to have successfully opened a NextPay credit account ahead of any event.

If it's too late to become a VIP for an upcoming sale, you can always sign up ahead of the next one.

Be careful when taking out a store card.

Interest rates can be very high, so you need to make sure you can pay them off in full each month.

Otherwise, the amount paid in interest will counteract the savings you make in the sale.

There are a few other terms and conditions you need to meet before you can get a pass, which we've listed in our guide.


Similar to the likes of TK Maxx or Superdrug, Next sells a lot of own-brand perfume that might be cheaper than buying from elsewhere.

For example, shoppers love the 100ml Just Pink Eau de Parfum Perfume that only costs £16.

It's described to have a "fresh green floral fragrance with soft fruits and pink blooms".

One wrote in the comments: "Lovely perfume, good price."

Another said: "It smells nice, a favourite perfume."

And one more praised: "I hadn't tried this perfume before. It has a pleasant scent for daily use."

Something like the Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Paradise Eau de Toilette, which says it smells like "blooming fresh flowers" on the Boots website, costs £68 for 50ml in comparison.

The Cashmere 100ml Eau De Parfum Perfume also costs £16 and shoppers say it "smells devine and is such a delicate fragrance.

"The smell lasts all day, perfect value for money."

This one combines "beautiful floral and delicate powdery musk", according to the website.


Next has quite a big homeware section that shoppers often rush to when a sale is on.

You'll find items for up to 70% off depending on the time of year, just like clothing sales.

And there are also a few pieces you might not find elsewhere if you're looking for something a bit more unique.

For example, we spotted a Hamish The Highland Cow Flower Vase for £24, or an adorable Grey Rabbit Swing Vase for £38.

Of course, always shop around at the likes of Ikea or other places where you might find cheap furniture, but it's definitely worth having a peak in during the Next sales.

What to avoid


Don't be fooled if you see a branded chocolate treat on the shelves at Next – chances are it's actually the same price or more expensive than from the brand itself.

For example, the Easter H-Box from Hotel Chocolat costs £15 from Next but £14.95 if you buy it directly from Hotel Chocolat.

Plus, the brand gives you a free gifting sleeve to wrap it in.

As another example, the Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Patisserie Easter Egg costs £30 from Next and Hotel Chocolat.

The only silver lining is you don't need to pay added delivery costs if you order from the brand – you could just go pick it up directly from Next instead.

If you're after the brand, it might be worth looking in Sainsbury's, which sells a Hotel Chocolat Premium Collection 3x5cl box for £9, down from £11.

The same thing costs £12 from the brand's website.

Items with black and red marks on the labels

If you see any item in Next with black or red marked on the label, chances are it's going to go on sale soon.

Therefore, you're better off waiting until you can get it for less.

Do note this isn't always the case, but you can always check online for a sale that may be starting soon.

Alternatively, just ask a staff member.

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And remember VIP passes can help – they're normally granted on a first come, first served basis, and they're restricted to one per customer.

But you definitely have the best chance at getting amazing deals by accepting the first slot they're allocated, because things can sell out quickly.

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