A smug influencer has told her followers how she managed to buy her own house aged just 22 and said she is not "privileged" – it's all down to hard work.

In a video she uploaded on TikTok, user @nenashy24 from Virginia Beach, US, told people "don't be afraid to work".

She then listed all the things she did that got her where she is today.

In the video, she said in on-screen captions: "At 19, I donated my eggs to pay for college. At 22, I bought my first house.

"I’ve worked in aviation, refinished furniture, helped launch Uber/Lyft in my city, hosted for Airbnb, worked on my family’s food truck.

"At 30, I bought my second home. At 35, I officially became debt-free.

"So when someone tells me I'm privileged, no it’s called hard work and discipline."

In the US, you can get paid to "donate" eggs and receive as much as £12,000, but in the UK it is illegal to sell eggs although you will be compensated £750 for undergoing the procedure.

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The TikToker said she still had a mortgage but otherwise had paid off all of her debts.

Since she uploaded the clip, it has been "liked" thousands of times, and people have headed praise on her for everything she has achieved.

One user said: "I know how hard it was and I respect you for it."

A second person wrote: "I'm 47 and this time next year the only debt I have is my mortgage. So I am feeling pretty good about that."

Someone else said: "Right! I'm 46 and debt-free! It's the best feeling not owning any money to anyone."

A fourth user commented: "Awesome! Hard work pays off! Keep it going."

This comes after a woman was left furious when the new owners of her former home started to tear it down before she moved out.

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