A person's dating profile can often say a lot about them.

But believe it or not, some use their bio's as an opportunity to slate others, at least that's what one guy did…

A photo of the bloke's Tinder profile has been shared online where people have called him out for his offensive remarks.

Under a headshot of himself, the man, who is a "lead engineer", wrote "no single mums" claiming they're clearly "not a catch".

His bio read: "No single mums. If you were a catch, he wouldn't have left you and the kids behind."

Ouch… That's a bit brutal.

He also said he enjoys "music, sports and the great outdoors" as he described himself as a "classic enthusiast".

It's no surprise that his remarks left many fuming as there is no truth to his comment at all.

Women's Aid, an organisation which helps domestic abuse victims, said: "Many women are single mums because they have left abusive partners, and they have left a home where they and their children are not safe.

"An estimated 1.6 million women experienced domestic abuse last year (in England and Wales), so this is more common than people realise. The women we work with at Women's Aid are some of the most incredible women you could hope to meet."

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The poster who shared the profile called the man a "douche" and unsurprisingly many others agreed.

Other social media users claimed his remarks are the "reason" he's still single and looking for love.

If you need help with jazzing up your bio, one of "Tinder's most swiped" lads has offered his advice.

James Langton is on Tinder's official top 30 list of "most swiped right" and he runs the Dater Help YouTube channel.

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