Travis Scott Pays Big To Avoid Lawsuit After Nightclub Assault

Travis Scott narrowly escaped another lawsuit after reaching a settlement following an assault at a nightclub, though he could still face criminal charges.

In early March, Travis made headlines after getting into an altercation with both a fan and sound engineer while performing a surprise DJ set at New York’s Nebula. Video footage showed the rapper grabbing a phone out of a fan’s hand as they were filming him during the performance.

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The fan – whose name hasn’t been released publicly – claims Travis proceeded to hit him on the head with the phone, cracking its screen. At the time, the man said he planned to file criminal charges as well as a civil lawsuit.

The same night, Travis allegedly had an altercation with a sound engineer, who had asked him to turn down the sound.

Travis reportedly punched the sound engineer in the face and caused damage to $12,000 of video and speaker equipment. The police were subsequently called. After the incident, the sound engineer told the media he plans to pursue legal action against Travis.

“I was trying to tell him to lower it so it sounded good for the performance,” he explained. “But he just stuck his middle finger in my face, so I lowered the monitor a little bit so I could talk to him, and that’s when he ran around the speaker and attacked me.”

According to a new report by TMZ, Travis and his legal team were able to reach a settlement out of court with Nebula and the sound engineer. It’s unclear how much he paid.

“Sources with direct knowledge tell us Travis settled with honchos at Nebula in NYC as well as the sound engineer he allegedly attacked,” TMZ reported. “It’s unclear how much Scott had to pony up, but the equipment he damaged was worth at least $12k.”

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The publication reports that criminal charges are unlikely, but NYPD still classifies the altercation as an “active investigation.”

It’s also unclear if Travis reached a similar settlement with the fan, or if they’re pursuing legal action.

In addition to this situation, Travis is still facing legal repercussions after the fatal 2021 Astroworld festival in which 300 people were injured and 11 died following a crowd surge. Travis is reportedly facing $10 billion in lawsuits connected to the tragic performance.

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