Underwear with ‘penis pocket’ claims to stop sweaty balls and help fertility

A set of underpants with a special “penis pocket” may be set to end the issue of sweaty balls – and they could boost fertility.

JustWears pants offer a cosy special spot for your manhood to sit away from the scrotum so that the area doesn’t overheat when you’re going about your day.

The creators of the undergarments have dubbed them the “palace for the phallus” and they’re made from ventilated fabric on the underside which allows more air to flow in your nether regions.

So, your buddy is kept sweat-free and fresh!

According to the makers, the pants are made from “sustainable Austrian beech trees” which is 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton.

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So, they’re sure to “keep your jewels dry”.

The undies cost between £12.48 per pair for a pack of nine and £19.37 each when purchased in a pack of two.

The site said: "We invented a unique ergonomic pouch to treat your crown jewels like royalty!

"The upper pouch functions as quick-draw access while the lower pouch is made of high-performance mesh fabric to wick away sweat and create more air flow down under."

Alex and Yang, the creators of JustWears, met in a youth hostel in Thailand and came up with the idea for breathable pants a few years later.

The duo set up a kickstarter to raise funds and reached their target in just 30 hours.

Since then, they’ve gone on Dragons’ Den and sold 65,000 pairs of pants around the globe.

Sounds like a lot of blokes out there could do with a pair of these wonder-garments.

Valentine’s Day gift, perhaps?

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