Unlike Kelis, Kevin Aviance is grateful Beyoncé sampled him on new album

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Not everyone is furious that Beyoncé sampled them on her red-hot new album.

Kelis ranted on social media about being blindsided when she discovered that the superstar sampled her “Get Along With You” on her critically acclaimed new album “Renaissance.”

But underground drag queen and musician Kevin Aviance was “overwhelmed” with joy when he found out Queen Bey sampled his 1996 song “C**ty” on the album’s “Pure/Honey.”

“I feel like someone heard me. I’m vindicated. She gets it. I’m just so honored and overwhelmed,” he told Page Six.

Aviance told us Beyoncé and her team didn’t give him a heads up that his vocal would be used. “I heard it and I was like, ‘Wow!’ The song lives and that’s all I ever wanted it to do,” he said.

Aviance said he first heard the X-rated phrase in the title of his track from queer kids hanging out at Chelsea Piers and he describes it as not a put-down but “more of… an anointment from God.”

“You’re the hottest. You’re together. You’re protected and no one can come for you,” he said.

And, “Yes! [Beyoncé] is very c**ty,” he added.

Aviance wasn’t the only artist thrilled to be part of the project. TS Madison appears to have got the heads up — and the cash — that her voice would be used on Beyonce’s black empowerment anthem “Cozy.”

“This was a secret that i had to hold for a long time,” Madison confessed in an Instagram post Friday.

“Thank you @beyonce for understanding culture and knowing my staple and place in the community… Thank you for polishing my iconic status in the world and for handling your business professionally and me getting [sic] this bag,” she wrote.

“Milkshake” singer Kelis, on the other hand, accused the singer of “theft” for sampling her 1999 song “Get Along With You.”

“People in this business have no soul or integrity and they have everyone fooled,” she fumed.

But Aviance is just happy to dance again after “going through hell with all this COVID stuff.”

“We need this energy — especially in the black and brown gay community, and all the ballroom kids. Beyoncé is [honoring] the black gay community and it’s beautiful,” he said.

Snap for the kids. Snap for the kids three times!

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