‘Unsilenced’: Yes Studios Drops Trailer For Israeli Drama About Sexual Violence

EXCLUSIVE: Trailer has dropped for Unsilenced, the latest Israeli drama picked up by Fauda and Shtisel producer Yes Studios.

Inspired by the novel The Confidante by Odelia Karmon, Unsilenced is a six-part series about sexual violence set in the pre-#MeToo era and shows the lengths to which an influential perpetrator, in this case a President – and his allies – will go to silence victims, protect themselves and keep their crimes out of the public eye, and how women bound by experience can come together to seek justice.

In Unsilenced, a recently elected President continually forces himself upon a new member of his team – a bright and ambitious young woman from a humble background. Desperate to keep her job, she asks the President’s chief of staff for help, but he shows his complicity with the situation by first looking the other way and then, as things escalate, by engineering a brutal campaign to discredit her and keep her quiet.

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The trailer comes with the series set to launch on Yes TV on May 18. Show stars Yaakov Zada Daniel (Fauda), Avraham Shalom Levi (Shtisel), Nelly Mira Rubin (Fire Dance), Dana Meinrath and Irit Nathan Benedek. Yes has been behind huge Israeli hits including Fauda, Shtisel and Your Honor.

Unsilenced was created by Avraham Shalom Levi, Tamar Marom, Moish Goldberg and Einat Zilber Damari, with Odelia Karmon as co-creator. The series was written by Avraham Shalom Levi and Tamar Marom, directed by Moish Goldberg and produced by Great Productions and yes TV. yes Studios handles worldwide distribution for the completed series and the scripted format.

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