Valentine’s day is fast approaching and if you’re wanting to post a romantic picture without a cringey caption, or you’re wondering what to write in a card that won’t make their toes curl, we’ve got you covered.

Below, you’ll find some lines of inspiration from content creators and wedding speech writers who know a thing or two about nailing the tone.

We’ve even got some good options for a Galentine’s Day post. After all, plenty of us are without a special someone this year and to be honest we aren’t mad about it.

Valentine’s Day Instagram captions that aren’t cringey

Hard launching your relationship on social media this year? Or maybe you’re posting about your long term love? TikTokers Anastazia and Cassie Speer came up with these short but sweet caption suggestions that aren’t too embarassing:

Different year, same Valentine

Not so sneaky link

Red hearts over red flags

Shout-out to Cupid

Year-round Valentine

Made it past the talking stage

My favourite flavour

Too late to back out now

Same time next year.

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For those who are single…

Post and be proud. We’ve got some fun and sassy captions that you can use whether it’s for Galentine’s celebrations or you’re truly flying solo.

TikTokers @bbybeets and @stazzylicious shared some of their favourite single captions and we will definitely be using them.

I ignore your DMs because I want you to find your soulmate. It ain’t me

Not doing any charity work this year, y’all stay safe though

Dump your boyfriend

Try taking a picture of your cocktails if you’re out with the girls and caption it boy tears.

In my Miss Independent era

Pov: Girls only

Cupid did us a favour.

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But what should you write in your card?

If you’re at a loss for your Instagram caption of a few words, we’re guessing you could also do with some help for your card.

Heidi Ellert-McDermont, author of new book The Modern Couple’s Guide to Wedding Speeches has the expert knowledge to sweep your significant other off their feet with words. She recommends thinking about the following formats:

The ‘back-handed compliment’

Think about what they do that annoys you. Heidi’s example: ‘I love you. You can’t eat anything without dropping crumbs on the floor and you manage to spoil most movies by correctly guessing the ending, but the truth is, I want to spend every irritating minute of my life with you.’

Some self-deprecation

What do you do that annoys them? Heidi’s example: ‘I love you so much I’m considering responding to your texts and stacking the dishwasher properly.’

I ‘I love you more than’

What’s your guiltiest pleasure? Something guaranteed to make you smile? What’s something unique that they will recognise?

Heidi’s example: ‘I love you more than pickled onion monsters munchies when I’m hungover (which I admit, is a lot, but not as much as I love you).’

What are they scared of? 

You can take inspiration from any phobias they have. Heidi’s example: ‘I promise to protect you from spiders. Even the ones that come out of the walls at night and try to crawl into your ears.’

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