Waxwork museum mocked over models of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Royally unconvincing! Polish waxwork museum is mocked over Prince William figure who looks like ‘Hugh Grant after 20 Jägerbombs’ – while Kate is blonde with a huge forehead

  • Krakow Wax Museum in the Polish city is rater 2.5 stars on TripAdvisor
  • Figure of Kate Middleton is blonde and has a huge forehead
  • READ MORE: Can YOU guess who this waxwork is? 

Dodgy waxworks of Prince William and Kate Middleton at a museum have been mocked with Wills compared to ‘Hugh Grant after 20 Jägerbombs.’

Visitors to the Krakow Wax Museum in the Polish city poked fun at the one of Kate because she has a large forehead and looks ‘disheveled.’

One even said they saw a child crying there because they are so creepy.

The tourist attraction – rated 2.5 stars on TripAdvisor – offers visitors the chance to glance at models of famous celebrities

But the museum has been slammed by holidaymakers for a lack of resemblance.

Visitors to the Krakow Wax Museum in the Polish city have poked fun at the figures of William and Kate, saying the future King looks like ‘Hugh Grant after 20 Jägerbombs’

Is that you, Kate? The Princess of Wales has a large forehead and blonde hair instead of her signature brunette locks 

Holidaymakers have pointed out models of Kate Middleton and Prince William look nothing like the royals.

Graeme Bandeira said of the William model: ‘Hugh Grant after 20 Jagerbombs’.

The waxwork of Kate has blonde hair rather than her signature brown locks.

The figure also has a notably bigger forehead than the Princess of Wales.

One visitor said Kate looked ‘disheveled.’

Nicky from Burton-on-Trent said: ‘One of the worst places I’ve ever been, just a good job the wax works had signs on each figure otherwise we’d have never have known who each one was.

Luckily Prince William’s figure had a military dress uniform on and was placed beside Kate, otherwise if would be quite hard to tell who it was meant to be 

‘It takes about five mins to walk around, we even saw a child crying, probably because she was so scared of the creepy figures.’

Sophie from Ennis, Ireland added: ‘This was the worst wax museum I’ve ever visited.

‘It was expensive considering what was in there.

‘Most figures had fingers snapped off or no hands.’

Alex from Derby said: ‘My sister and I visited to get out of the cold, however we ended up having such a laugh.

‘Most of the waxworks are so bad, but some are actually quite good. We were creeped out the whole way around.’

Other waxworks include Tom Cruise, Mr Bean and Vladimir Putin.

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