A globetrotting couple ditched their nine to fives, sold all their belongings and now travel the world full time.

Romance blossomed between Dylan Evans, 30, and Adriana de Pertis, 33, in 2018, when they met and bonded over their desire to escape the cold UK weather.

They soon began planning their adventures – scrimping for two years to save £32,000, before quitting their jobs and launching their own YouTube channel, 2Passports1Dream.

The couple now fund their travels by working as full-time travel vloggers. They’ve racked up more than 120,000 subscribers who follow their journeys around Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Daniel, originally from Cardiff, said: ‘As nomads, we travel light with everything on our backs, constantly changing countries and hotels.

‘There’s a common misconception that travel YouTubers are just sipping cocktails on the beach and the videos upload themselves.

‘But we have never worked this hard in our lives, and we wouldn’t change this for the world.’

Dylan Evans, 30, and Adriana de Pertis, 33, met in 2018 and had their first date at Thorpe Park.

They both agreed they wanted to see the world, beyond the standard tourist site seeing spots.

They began saving for their dream while Dylan continued working in data warehousing at an insurance company, and Swedish-born Adriana worked as a dental therapist.

Dylan, from Cardiff, Wales, says: ‘During the saving period, we had a very strict budget and too many excel sheets to count, but managed to save up £32,000 in the two years leading up to travel.

‘We can both remember our last day of work like it was yesterday, such a massive load off our shoulders knowing that we can be our own bosses from now on.’

The couple had no video skills when they set off on their travels, and had to learn everything from scratch.

The first vlog in December 2020 documented their flight to Thailand during the pandemic.

Dylan said he always knew that the daily grind wasn’t for him – but insists the life of a travel vlogger isn’t as glamorous as it may seem.

The pair often work more than 10 hours a day to keep up with the constant process of filming, editing, and posting.

Dylan said: ‘To begin with, our social media accounts were making no money at all.

‘The first day we got monetised on YouTube, we were cheering to making around £1 in one day.

‘It felt like much more than that, though.

‘It was £1 that we made for ourselves from something that we love.’

Since then, they’ve grown their monthly income.

‘It vary greatly depending on our location and how often we post,’ says Dylan.

‘We are fortunate to be making more now than we were from our jobs at home.

‘But, with this travelling content creation lifestyle comes a lot more expenditures, such as camera gear, travel, insurance, and hotels with good WiFi.’

Some of their most popular videos include trying the spiciest dish in Bangkok and buying the world’s cheapest suit in Vietnam.

They share tips and tricks with followers and recently managed to fly business class with Singapore Airlines for only $10.

And one of the biggest challenges is being away from family and friends. While their loved ones didn’t initially understand their vision, they now use their channels to stay up to date with their travels.

Dylan said: ‘It’s not easy for us to make friends on the road because we’re always on the move, but we try to stay connected through social media.

‘Being away from family and friends for long periods is challenging, and we often go over a year without seeing them.

‘During the pandemic, we were away for almost two years before we finally returned to the UK and Sweden for a month.

“It’s tough, but we’re working hard now so that we can afford to make more regular trips home in the future.’

Dylan also has to be mindful of his health. He explained: ‘I have type 1 diabetes, which is a constant struggle even in normal life.

‘While travelling in hot climates, I have to worry about keeping my insulin from getting ruined by the weather and being away from home for so long, I have to keep a close eye on my medical supplies.

‘Thankfully, my supportive family is always there to help.

‘My brother sends me more insulin in the post when I’m running low, which is a lifesaver.

‘If it weren’t for him, we’d have to fly home way more often.’

And if the couple’s nomadic lifestyle has peaked your interest, Dylan is full of encouragement.

‘Anyone can make a living out of YouTube,’ he said.

‘Whether you want to travel like us or explore a different industry, with hard work and dedication, you, too, can build an epic follower base.

‘Who wouldn’t want more than 100k friends travelling the world with them’.

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