IF you are planning to cut out alcohol and have a New Year’s Eve that you can truly remember, you’re not alone.

Sales of booze-free drinks have risen 120 per cent in the past year and 25million of us are now watching how much we consume.

But will the alternatives to your favourite tipple add fizz to your party or leave it a bit deflated?

Samantha Yule conducted our taste test and marks them out of five.


MARTINI’S Vibrante tastes amazing – just like the Rosso version. The best non-alcoholic tipple of the lot – even James Bond would love it. Stick in tonic and ice and you’re on to a winner.

NO BOOZE: 60cal per 100ml (£8, 750ml, Sainsbury’s)

BOOZE: 123cal per 100ml (£7.50, 750ml Sainsbury’s)


THE wonderfully named Nozeco comes in an elegant bottle but it doesn’t taste like the real thing.  A lot sweeter – a bit  more like an asti spumanti than a prosecco.

NO BOOZE – 20cal per 100ml (£3 with offer, 750ml, Morrisons)

BOOZE: 69cal per 100ml (£4.99, 750ml, Morrisons)


AFTER you’ve bunged in some orange segments and warmed it in a pan, you can barely tell the difference – and the kids loved the novelty of joining in with a festive glass.

NO BOOZE: 49cal per 100ml (£2.50 750ml, Sainsbury’s)

BOOZE: 84kcal per 100ml (£3, 750ml, (Sainsbury’s)


PERONI’S alcohol-free version tastes like . . . Peroni, just a little lighter.
The crisp Italian freshness is still present and, like a lager, it goes down well. Ideal with salty nuts and snacks.

NO BOOZE: 22cal per 100ml (£4.50, 4 x 330ml, Sainsbury’s)

BOOZE: 42cal per 100ml (£6.25, 4 x 330ml, Sainsbury’s)


THE allspice and cardamom gives it a festive feel.   It’s a posh, botanical alternative which is great if on a diet. But it can’t replace the real thing.

NO BOOZE: 0cal per 100ml, (£26,  700ml Sainsbury’s)

BOOZE: Gordon’s, 210cal per 100ml (£16, 700ml, Morrisons)


IT is no surprise this is flying off shelves.  Let it settle and you’ve got a lovely brew.

Sweeter than the original but the taste is all there.

NO BOOZE: 16cal per 100ml, (£4.50, 4 x 440ml Morrisons)

BOOZE: 35cal per 100ml (£4.75, 4 x 440ml Morrisons)


THERE are a lot of good and bad wine alternatives.  Cabernet sauvignon ABV 0% by Guiltless Wines is a good one. It has  hints of  blackberry and oak.  A bit sweet but it looks the part.

NO BOOZE: 12cal per 100ml (£9.99, 750ml, guiltless wines.com)

BOOZE: 85cal per 100ml (from £5.50, 750ml, Morrisons)


KOPPARBERG’S alcohol-free fruit cider tastes fab. Let’s face it, the alcoholic version already tastes like a soft drink so this is a great replica.

NO BOOZE: 38cal per 100ml, (£3.50, 4 x 330ml Morrisons)

BOOZE: 55cal per 100ml, (£5, 4 x 330ml Morrisons)

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