December is fast approaching, and for DIY fans that can only mean one thing – it's time to get your hands on the Wera Advent calendar.

Forget the tiny nibbles of chocolate you might be used to, as this December put together your very own limited edition toolkit as you unveil a new tool every day up to Christmas. 

  • Wera Advent Calendar, £54.99 from Amazon – buy here

What is the Wera Advent calendar?

The Wera Advent calendar is a limited edition tool set featuring a useful mini DIY gadget behind each door. Once put together, it forms a handy toolbox perfect for everyday use.


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What’s inside the Wera Advent calendar for 2022?

There are 24 tools behind this year's advent calendar. These range from Kraftform bit-holding screwdrivers to four state-of-the-art Joker double open-end wrenches ranging from six to 13mm. 

You can also get your hands on ten different screwdriver bits that are all stainless steel, ensuring rust-free connections.

  • Wera Advent Calendar, £54.99 from Amazon – buy here

The bit-holding screwdriver is particularly impressive as the high-quality gadget has a permanent magnet that holds bits securely, so you’ll never lose essential pieces of kit again.

Alongside the tools, there’s a wrench holder case and a Rapidaptor bit holder, perfect for storing all the tools.

Similar to every year, there is also a festive bottle opener. 

Who is the Wera Advent calendar a good gift for?

The unique assortment of tools in the advent calendar makes it the perfect gift for almost anyone. 

DIY fans will love the range of tools and be blown away by their well-crafted nature. 

If you’re a DIY newbie, this advent calendar will provide you with a high-quality and useful toolbox that features all the essentials plus more. 

It’s also a great purchase for collectors as the colour scheme of the tools in the calendar varies every year. 

This year's set is dark red and green and features a white Christmas tree printed on the bottle opener and bit case. 

Where to buy the Wera Advent calendar

The Wera Advent calendar is notorious for selling out almost instantly. It’s available online and in DIY stores such as Halfords and Wickes. 

The calendar is currently on sale from £55 upwards at the following retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Halfords
  • Wickes

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