We’re Hooters girls – our top ‘icks,’ including something guys do after talking to us at the bar | The Sun

TWO Hooters girls have divulged on the customer “icks” that annoy them the most.

One of their pet peeves relates to some patrons' behavior at the bar.

Hooters worker Lay Lay (@lifeoflaylay) said she’s left disgusted when some guys decide not to tip.

She raged in a clip: “Why are you here? If I’m at the bar and I’m working and a guy will try to come to talk to me and then won’t leave a tip. Eww. Ew.”

Lay Lay said that another one of her pet hates involves customers that order adult-sized drinks for their children and are surprised when they're charged standard prices.

She told her followers: “I can’t, I can’t do it.”

The server also slammed those who claim no alcohol was poured into their drink – despite having watched her.

Meanwhile, Lay Lay’s pal and fellow server Noel said one of her icks relates to seafood.

She admitted she’s left grossed out when customers peel their shrimp and leave shrimp tails on the table.

Noel then explained it’s why she gives diners a side plate.

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The server has a witty answer for curious customers who ask about her plans after work.

Noel revealed that she goes home and sleeps following a busy shift.

But, despite their pet hates, Lay Lay and Noel have said they love working for the restaurant and begged bosses not to fire them.

Lay Lay and Noel are not the only Hooters girls who have shared their customer “icks.”

Karina (@swagmoneyrinaa) is a proud Hooters Girl and content creator based in Florida.

She invited some of her female coworkers to join her in a TikTok video as they listed many things that turned them off about some patrons.

Karina captioned the clip: “Be nice to your servers.”

The staffer slammed those who cut her off and go straight into placing their orders.

She said she dislikes customers who mumble under their breath and those who become quieter when they’re asked to speak up.

Another waitress said she hates when people ask if she’s on the food menu.

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