Were identical sisters who married twins – even our kids cant tell us apart

The identical sisters who fell in love with twins revealed sometimes their kids mix them apart.

Brittany and Briana Dean met their husbands Josh and Jeremy Salyers while attending a festival for twins in 2017.

Their fairytale became a reality when they got engaged six months after meeting before exchanging vows in a joint ceremony in 2018.

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Now both sets of twins do everything together, from getting pregnant at the same time to living in a shared home.

Fortunately the four often share a glimpse of their magical lives on Instagram where they boast 232,000 followers.

And in a recent post, the two couples posed in the same outfits as they opened up about their similar wardrobes.

They wrote: "Hi friends! People often want to know how we agree on what to wear each day.

"That part is generally easy for us, as we each have the same sense of style and taste as our respective twin.

"We did not always dress alike, and in fact when younger often went out of our way to dress differently."

The couples went on to reveal how they argue less about their wardrobes when the pairs just wear what they want.

In the post, the Salyers twins added: "We don't have to take turns wearing the 'best' outfit for occasion.

"And we no longer pressure ourselves into one of us changing when we come out in matching outfits.

"Haven't looked back since! Plus, twinning is fun. We enjoy it and it works for us."

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In the photo, Brittany and Briana rocked a blue dress, while their spouses wore a turquoise top, light trousers and jacket.

They all showed off their pearly whites as the siblings grinned for the camera.

It didn't take long for fans to quiz them on their personal lives, and ask whether their kids mix them up.

One user wrote: "Can your kids always tell you apart?"

To which the Instagram account replied: "Almost always! Maybe not when really tired or distracted."

The four, who live under the same roof, recently welcomed a baby last year who are genetically brothers.

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In fact, the cousins, who are essentially siblings, make the couples one of 300 quaternary families in the world.

Speaking recently, Brittany, mum to Jett and married to Josh, said the boy's unique situation makes them more close.

She said: "They were born to identical twin parents less than nine months apart.

"Twins married to twins who both have babies at the same time."

And the foursome even share a home together, as well as a bank account.

Jeremy feels as though he's a parent to Jett, as much as he is to his own little boy Jax.

In recent years, the couples receive a lot of attention that their wedding aired in a TLC special called Our Twinsane Wedding.

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