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    In a world where everyone is starting to look the same, there are some people who have made it their goal to stand out from the crowd.

    Sadly, while their appearances are impressively creative, they receive hate because of it.

    Daily Star recently spoke to four people who express themselves through their clothes and make-up – and they’ve had to learn to block out the haters.

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    Read on to find out more about the goths and extra-terrestrial beauties who are expressing themselves freely.

    Jordan Bovee

    Jordan Bovee, 28, from the USA, has been dressing eccentrically since she was a child.

    Some people are so perturbed by the goth’s unique appearance that they have tried to perform exorcisms on her and throw holy water at her when in public.

    “Some of my personal favourite reactions have ranged from people wanting photos taken with me, usually to show someone they know who also loves this style, to a whole group of teenagers screaming and running away,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

    “I've had people throw holy water at me, try to perform exorcisms on me and even stop in their cars to ask questions.”

    Jordan explained that she has never dressed “normal” and found herself feeling the most comfortable when covered in dark clothing and makeup.

    While she was heavily bullied when she was growing up, she’s noticed that the goth style has become more accepted over the years.

    She added: “It takes some practice, but you eventually learn to ignore the negatives and not let it affect you.”

    Freyja Phoria

    Freyja Phoria, from London, is a self-described "erotic entrepreneur" who has always felt like an outsider.

    She identifies as an alien and an “intergalactic blow-up doll” and while she’s comfortable with who she is, strangers aren’t.

    The 27-year-old loves being able to express herself through her appearance but she has faced unfair treatment from the general public due to her unique look.

    “In the past, I've had people throw objects at me from their car, attack me in the street and become incredibly defensive over what they don't understand or can't accept when I've not even initiated any involvement,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

    “This is one of the reasons I feel very disconnected from the majority of humans and liberate myself through being an alien.

    “I can't comprehend their backward beliefs when there's always the time and the space to project positivity into the world and learn from others.

    "Life should be about having fun, not resorting to hostility and violence because you don't understand something.”

    Erika Box

    Erika Box– who goes by Europa online – is a 26-year-old goth who has been dressing alternatively since she was a child.

    While she has wowed the internet with her unique fashion and makeup choices, strangers also unfairly judge her because of how she looks.

    She exclusively told Daily Star: “I get people saying mean things to me because of my style and it's a shame. My appearance doesn't harm anyone.

    “When people see me in public, it depends on what I'm wearing. If I am wearing full makeup, hair done, with a nice outfit on, people will stare.

    “I've had people record me or take photos of me with their phones without my consent but I've also had people come up and talk to me and ask me questions about what I'm wearing, which of course I'm fine with.

    “Even when I'm dressed casually with no makeup on, I still get people staring at me. Most of the time when people do say something to me it's a compliment though!”

    Despite what the haters may say, Europa is thriving and doesn’t let the negativity get her down.

    Alina Kireyev

    Alina Kireyev, from Israel, is a model who has gained followers online thanks to her alternative style.

    She started dressing alternatively when she was 13 years old and has only evolved over time.

    The online figure now refers to herself as an “extra-terrestrial beauty” and ignores the hateful comments she receives from strangers.

    “I don’t even get bothered by the trolls anymore,” she told Daily Star in an exclusive chat.

    “They can say lots of mean stuff like wishing for bad things to happen to me, saying I worship satan and nonsense like that.

    “They whine about my locs telling me it's only for one race but it’s so stupid to tell someone what he should do with his hair.

    “My favourite trolls are those who ask if I am a guy. It just makes me wonder what they would say if I had bigger boobs.”


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