Preserved roses are natural roses that have been altered to make them last longer. These roses may be mistaken for artificial flowers made of silk or other materials until observed closely. They last as long as one to three years depending on how well they are kept. They are different from dried roses which are made by simply hanging to dry till they are dehydrated. Dried roses do not last as long as preserved roses and are usually brittle.

To make preserved roses, you essentially need to cut off the flowers when they are at their healthiest and most lively state. Then, the natural sap is replaced with glycerin and preservatives to help them retain their natural look and last longer. Hence, they do not need to be put in water or cared for like fresh flowers. However, they provide the same aesthetic for whatever uses that their natural alternatives can be put to.

Why Are Preserved Roses the Perfect Gifts?

Preserved roses make for a fantastic gift option for friends, coworkers, or loved ones. They may even be considered the most ideal housewarming and Valentine’s gift. They provide the recipient with the experience of fresh flowers that lasts longer than fresh flowers normally would. An added advantage is that the recipient is not required to water them or place them in sunlight as they would fresh flowers. Direct sunlight and excessive moisture would cause them to fade.

For aesthetics and preservative purposes, some of these preserved roses come in special cases. These roses can last relatively longer than those that do not come in these cases. Preserved roses can be left in these cases or placed on shelves or in vases. They still retain their natural feel; hence, they are less likely to break, unlike dried flowers.

These roses can be gifted singly, in bouquets, or in other floral arrangements to loved ones who appreciate having a lot of flowers around. They can be made available in different colors and varying volumes.

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