What you need to know about dissolving lip filler – including wait time before re-filling

Aesthetic trends come and go, but one that’s definitely on the way out is over-inflated lips. Celebs that have previously preferred a pouty look are now opting to have their filler dissolved in a bid to get back more of a natural lip look.

In recent months, reality stars like Faye Winter, Demi Sims, Georgia Harrison and Yazmin Oukhellou have all undergone filler dissolving treatments – and the results have completely changed their look. Some stars have had small amounts of filler re-added while others, like Molly-Mae Hague, have stuck with their natural, filler-free lips

If you’re considering dissolving your own filler or if you’d like to know a bit more about what process involves, read on as two experts answer all of the questions you might have…

How do I know when my lip filler needs to be dissolved?

When you start developing a puffy “ridge” or a loss of definition of the upper lip. “Instead of the lip border looking crisp, it could look round – especially from the side view. Also, there could be visible lumps on the inside of the lip,” explains Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir (Dr OBT), aesthetic doctor and founder ofHalcyon Aesthetics.

Should lip filler be dissolved regularly or only when lips look puffy?

Some aestheticians like to start with a clean slate, so if you’re a new client who has had regular lip filler treatments over the years, it’s possible they may want you to have the old product dissolved before they treat you.

“Generally we say that if you’ve noticed a filler-related lump that hasn't gone away, it should be dissolved,” says Dr OBT, while Dr Aneka Khaira, aesthetic doctor atHarley Street Dental Studio, adds: “It could just be time when you’re dissatisfied with the shape or size of your lips and you want them dissolved.”

What's the process of having lip filler dissolved?

“Hyaluronidase is the enzyme used to break down the filler, and it gets injected into the lips like the filler does,” explains Dr OBT. “As some people can develop an allergic reaction to it, we need to inject a tiny amount as a test dose. Once we know that’s fine, we can inject the rest into the lips and gently massage it.”

He also notes that it can sometimes take up to two sessions to fully break down filler. This is often the case when a patient has previously had a thicker type of hyaluronic acid-based filler injected in their lips.

How soon after having the treatment will my lips reduce in size?

“Injecting a high concentration hyaluronidase into the lips enables the filler to be broken down rapidly – usually within 3-4 days,” says Dr Khaira. She also mentions that you can expect to see some localised bruising and swelling in the area for around 24-48 hours.

And how soon will I be able to have new filler put back?

“Once you’ve had the hyaluronidase treatment, I would recommend waiting two weeks before you book in to have filler. This is to ensure that any swelling and bruising has subsided properly,” explains Dr Khaira.

Will my lips look wrinkly without any filler?

If your plan isn’t to re-inject filler then you might be concerned about how your natural lips look after being stretched to a bigger size over a prolonged period of time.

“The correct amount of hyaluronidase will only dissolve the filler, not any naturally occurring collagen. This means lips should look as they did pre-filler, and not make them appear more wrinkly than they naturally would,” Dr Khaira reassures.

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