This month’s streaming options are full of the inspirational, feel good content you need during the black hole that is the day after Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. 

Witness culinary hopefuls race against the clock for a chance to win a huge prize as you munch on holiday leftovers. Or follow along as a vocal powerhouse watches Drag Queens clash against one another on stage to take home the crown as top vocalist in a show that celebrates all of their talents. You can also see a comedian remind us self-love is the best kind.

Return to the moment where Britney Jean Spears stole the hearts of well meaning Black women everywhere while reminding us that she was that girl. Relive the moment when you learned the significance of a red bottom. Follow a football star on a journey to make each yard count for something larger. Visit the kitchen of a celebrated chef as she works to turn her space into the spice filled sanctuary of her dreams. Find harmonies in the contributions of the voices you had no idea have been leading you throughout your life. 

Reconnect with the characters you love as they turn their attentions to highlighting how chat room antics can lead to major catastrophes or say goodbye to some of the characters you have grown to love as Black creators close out the chapters of the projects that placed them in the mainstream conversation. 

Looking for something a little more sinister to engage your stubborn holiday blues? Watch the original vampire mortal hybrid get to slaying in the sequels to one of the best supernatural action flicks, see teenagers get pressed by a need to make their hoop dreams matter to someone beside themselves, and be reminded that true crime rarely focuses on melanin related matters. 

See what’s new and Black on streaming services in December below.

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