Who Is Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ Contestant Savannah Palacio? Meet The Pro Influencer Primed For Season 2

Have you binged through all the episodes of The Circle season 2 on Netflix already? (Same!) Naturally, the next step is to learn all the background on every contestant (#catfish or not) from everyone’s favorite reality-show-slash-popularity-contest.

Season 2 contestant Savannah Palacio, 24, has a leg up on the rest, or at least she should. She’s already a total #girlboss of an influencer and digital creator, so she knows how to impress on the internet.

Savannah makes a solid first impression right off the bat on the show, too. In her intro she says: “My job is a little lackluster, but my personality is quite opposite. I’m fun, I’m social, I love glitz and glam.”

Here’s what to know about The Circle‘s Savannah Palacio online and IRL.

She works as a data researcher on Capitol Hill.

That’s what she adds to her The Circle bio and one of few facts the rest of the contestants get to know.

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Savannah celebrated her 25th birthday after filming wrapped on the show. She’s originally from California, and seems to be spending more time on the West Coast lately. Tbd if she’s still crunching numbers in D.C.

But, she’s already a legit influencer with a growing following.

Savannah set her sights on an influencer career at the end of college. It seems to be paying off her already. She has the largest following of all the contestants on season two (so far).


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She’s active on Youtube (18k followers), Instagram (230k followers), and TikTok (600k+ followers). Her feeds include a wide range of fashion, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle pics and videos.

Sav shows off her sense of humor on TikTok.

Savannah covers many of the same lifestyle topics on TikTok for her audience. But her videos there include more comic relief. There are several new clips poking fun at her time on The Circle.

irl he was chillin #AerieREAL #GetCrocd

Savannah has landed big-name partnerships.

She was part of the first roster of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty House, i-D reported. She’s also worked with other big brands, including Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Dermalogica, Elf Cosmetics, Too Faced, and ASOS.

She also uses her platform to bring attention to important causes.

Savannah has opened up about mental health and the importance of therapy. “When I was around 10 years old I had a lot I needed to talk about,” she wrote on Instagram. “I still remember and often think about my court-ordered therapists and family law attorney. I loved them because they were the first people who I felt listened to me. I would probably be messed tf up if it wasn’t for them so if you made it this far, consider in-person or online therapy.”


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She also championed Black Lives Matter and shares her perspective as a biracial woman. “I’ve always been very vocal about my position with Black Lives Matter, even before it was a trend, simply because I’m a double minority myself,” she told Beauty by Us. “I grew up in a very low-income area that was heavily populated by lower class Hispanics, Asians, and Blacks.”


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Savannah told Beauty by Us: With big platforms like mine, I just want to make sure that I utilize it to the best of my ability because, let’s say in 10 or 15 years, I have kids, my profile is still going to be online [and my kids will] have access to it. I want to be a good example for my sister and for future generations, because if you have this type of influence why would you choose to not use it for good?”

Savannah’s a former pageant girl.

She competed in Miss Teen California in 2015 and finished as the second runner up, according to PageantUpdate.info.

And, Savannah values experiences over things.

That means travel pics and lots of them, pre-pandemic. For example, she’s paddled around in Lake Tahoe, hiked around in Zion, lounged on Hawaiian beaches, and more.


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Tbd where her newfound Circle stardom will lead her next.

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