Who signed off on this? Bizarre notices will make you do a double take

  • Towns and cities have arrays of different signs throughout the area
  • But sometimes they are out of the ordinary and make no sense at all
  • BoredPanda collated some of the more unusual signs from posters around world
  • Read more: Hilarious signs are designed to stop passersby in their tracks  

Signs are supposed to be practical, offering directions or information, that should be practical rather than distracting or disturbing. 

But sometimes they are completely out of the ordinary and are bound to make you do a double take.

In an online gallery, Bored Panda collated some of the more unusual signs from across the world, including America and the UK, which are sure to leave many stuck in their tracks. 

Among the most humorous snaps include a notice warning walkers about a bull, while another post details there are ‘large audio books’ for sale. 

Bored Panda collated some of the more unusual signs from across the world, including America, the UK which are sure to leave many stuck in their tracks (pictured, one person in the UK was surprised to find they were being warned about a bull in a field) 

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Flush away! One sign in the US implored users of this toilet not to get rid of their sanitary products or Q-tips in the bowl – but also suggested they shouldn’t ditch their hopes and dreams either 

One sign surprised shoppers in this bookstore after they spotted a notice for Large Print Audio Books 

You have been warned! One farm owner, in the UK, advised potential neighbours not to be offended by noise, odours and outdoor sex

Bad neighbours! One person erected an unusually unfriendly sign on their porch in a bid to avoid comments from those next door 

Another person, believed to be from the US, was left bemused by this sign – which has instructions for both dog walkers and their pooches 

Leave my drink alone! One reveller in this pub in Dublin was determined to keep hold of their beverage 

A passive aggressive note – and a passive aggressive reponse! One person, believed to be from the US, couldn’t help but sketch an apology in ketchup to this letter 

Short staffed! One person in the US as left bemused after spotting this handwritten letter which seemed to blame smaller people for the restaurant being closed – rather than a lack of staff

So, where CAN we drink? A traveller in the UK couldn’t help but snap a picture of this sign which advises against drinking inside – or outside – the premises 

If life gives you lemons…One cheeky establishment in the US made a play on the usual well-known term to express something different 

Drinks all round! One person was left chuckling after spotting this sign which suggested a meal without wine could only be breakfast 

Also known as…a grape! One Spar, in an unknown location, marketed red and white fruit as ‘wine babies’ 

Stopping traffic! One sign appeared to offer a double entre after suggesting there were ‘slow children’ in the area

Wow! This unusual sign, in a bar in Europe, suggested that if women had no shirt on, they would get free drinks 

A town full of drunks! This playful notice made a teasing joke about those living in this village in the US 

That’s NOT what a knife and fork are for! One person was left in stitches after spotting this playful sign 

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