Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Jane, 48 and Stacey, 49, but will romance be on the cards?

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  • Jane, 48 and Stacey, 49, shared the outcome of their date in the UK
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Jane, 48, (pictured) is a flower shop owner, who has been single for two years 

JANE, 48

Dating Past?

I was married for 14 years, and I’m now ready to meet my lifelong partner. I’ve been on dates, but no one has tickled my fancy yet.

Pre-Date Nerves?

No, I’d already asked what my date’s favourite colour was so I could prepare a surprise bouquet of flowers for him. Stacey had said red, so I put together a Christmassy bunch with roses and berries — first impressions count. And no, this isn’t something I’ve done before.


Single for two years, with a daughter, 15, and a son, 12.


Flower shop owner.


Someone tall, loyal, fun and well-travelled who has his own business. I am not looking for anyone with a boring personality or who is too serious.

First Impressions?

I was on time and no one was at the table. I looked around the room and there were only men with grey hair or no hair. At this point, I was feeling nervous. When the waitress mentioned my date had gone to the gents, I was relieved.

When I saw Stacey, I thought he was Pierce Brosnan handsome. I’m fussy yet Stacey looked fit.

Easy To Talk To?

We bonded over our mutual love of India. My mum was born there, so I’ve backpacked around the various states on countless occasions.

Stacey has a campervan and my mum has been encouraging me to get one. He joked that as he owns one, I wouldn’t need to buy one now. He takes himself off around the UK, while I like Cornwall.

I also told him about my new kitten called Teddy and it turns out that Stacey also used to have a cat called Teddy. It was rather sweet.


LIKED? Relieved to be matched with Stacey.


COFFEE OR CAB? Cocktails

He practises yoga and is also a vegan, so he had a souffle and then a sweet potato Keralan curry, while I had tempura prawns followed by salmon. Instead of dessert, we had a couple of heavenly cocktails at the bar, including an espresso martini and a prosecco-based one.

Embarrassing Moments?

Not really, but we had to chuckle when the waiter smashed a glass.

Did Sparks Fly?

Stacey is good-looking and we got on like a house on fire. At the end of the evening, I wondered, ‘Do we have a snog in the doorway? Or do I jump in a cab?’ I went for the cab. We’ve done act one, now I’m ready for the second act.

See him again?

Yes, we’ve arranged to meet again for drinks. The world is our oyster.

What do you think he thought of you?

Stacey mentioned his mum might like me which I guess is a good sign. We were pleased to be matched with one another. It was a huge relief.

Would your friends like him?

Yes, he’s a nice guy.


Dating Past?

I was married to the mother of my daughters and we were together for 16 years. As time went by, we both came to the conclusion that we had different life goals and separated in 2013.

Since then, I’ve had one long- term relationship which lasted for three years until 2019.


Single for two years with three daughters, aged 22, 20 and 18.


Business owner and practitioner at a beauty studio.


Someone who is kind, active, adventurous and independent. I’m not keen on anyone too needy.

Pre-Date Nerves?

Some butterflies, but I think that’s a good thing as I don’t want to be over-confident or cocky.

First Impressions?

When I walked over to our table, a woman waved at me. It was Jane. She looked gorgeous in a short olive-coloured dress and we kissed one another on the cheek.

Jane had arrived with an overnight bag after the photoshoot and I joked, ‘Overnight bag? That’s forward!’ Straight away Jane said, ‘No, it’s my yoga mat’ — a nod to my dating profile. I liked that she could give as good as she can get.

She owns a flower business so gave me some lovely flowers, which was sweet and a first for me.

Easy To Talk To?

Yes, we went straight for the cocktail list. We egged one another on and had six cocktails each.

Jane is well travelled and we talked about places we have visited including Bali, Sri Lanka, India and South America. We also both have a hot tub and a fire pit — make of that what you will!

Embarrassing Moments?


LIKED? The banter with Jane.

REGRETS? No regrets.

COFFEE OR CAB? Cocktails

A woman turned up at the restaurant at the same time I arrived and I thought it was Jane. In fact, it was the actress Anita Dobson. Luckily, I didn’t ask if she was my blind date.

Did Sparks Fly?

There was definitely something, but we’ll have to see. Jane is great fun and gorgeous.

See her again?

Yes, we’re trying to set up another date. I’ve sent Jane pictures of my flowers, too, to show her that they made it home and how bad I am at flower arranging.

What do you think she thought of you?

I think she liked me. Apparently she had been worried about my vegan diet and that I practise yoga. I think she quickly realised I’m not a tree hugger.

Would your friends like her?

Yes, Jane is fun, smart and tells it how it is. I like that about her.

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