On April 9th, 2021, the beloved and highly respected Prince Philip passed away, and the effects of his passing have had a global impact. Fans and admirers of the monarchy were truly saddened to hear the news, which sadly comes just 2 months shy of his 100th birthday. As the world took pause to remember the life of this legendary man, and the contributions he made to the monarchy, and to the world, many eyebrows began to raise with questions surrounding whether or not Harry and his pregnant wife, Meghan Markle, would attend the funeral services. With speculation building, People has just confirmed that Harry will indeed be in attendance, but Meghan Markle will not be joining her husband.

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When Harry and Meghan sat down to talk to Oprah Winfrey about their decision to quit the royal family, they unearthed deeply damaging accusations of racism within the walls of Buckingham Palace.

The interview was an explosive revelation of the difficulties Meghan Markle endured during her time in the palace, and was entirely supported by Harry who stood steadfast by his wife’s side.

Markle revealed severe mental health struggles and there was much discussion about the unborn baby she was carrying at the time, who we now know to be Archie. Accusations came fast and furious as the couple indicated there were deep rooted issues of racism within the Royal family. The interview blatantly accused the Royal family of refusing to assist Meghan with her emotional struggles, and dove deep into a wide array of jaw-dropping concerns that shocked the world.

Nobody imagined that just over one month later, Harry and Meghan would be faced with the decision of having to face the Royal family they spoke so ill of. The death of Prince Philip and the upcoming funeral has changed everything.

Harry has decided to attend the funeral to be with his family and pay his respects to his grandfather, but for many, this news was expected.

All eyes have been on Meghan Markle to see what her reaction to this would be, and most perceive her decision to reflect a greater, broader outlook than this isolated gathering may suggest. Many wondered if Meghan would be able to face the Royal family after defacing them in the public eye with her accusations.

The general public may not yet be able to generate the conclusions they were hoping for, as Meghan’s absence from the funeral of Prince Philip has been reportedly due to doctor’s advice to not engage in air travel, especially not during the pandemic.

Reports indicate Markle has been advised not to fly at this time by medical professionals given her pregnancy, which seems sound and just, yet somehow fans still wonder if these underlying issues had something to do with her decision not to attend.

This is will be the first time that Harry returns to see his family since he decided to quit the Monarchy and moved to the United States. Surely, this will not be an easy transition for anyone involved.

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