Will and Kates Taj Mahal photo conveys different romantic story

On April 16, 2016 Kate, Princess of Wales and Prince William were the picture of true love in front of the beautiful Taj Mahal. Earlier this week, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik visited the same site and sat in the exact same place. Body language expert Judi James analysed a photograph of both royal couples and revealed that their romantic styles are very different.

William and Kate’s pose in front of the Taj Mahal was not simply a sweet moment captured in time.

It was actually hugely significant for the couple as it would have echoes of a similar photo Princess Diana posed for by herself at the tail-end of her marriage to Charles.

Judi told Express.co.uk: “These are such iconic royal poses and for William and Kate the moment is even more important and poignant thanks to Diana’s significant solo pose on the same seat when she visited the Taj Mahal during the breakdown of her marriage to Charles.

“For William and Kate then, it was crucial to return to this spot and prove that history doesn’t have to repeat itself.”

The expert suggested that William’s deliberate body language might be a nod to his mother, promising her that he would stand by Kate.

She explained: “In William’s mind it might even have been a direct message to his late mother that, unlike his father, he is there with his wife in a loving, happy and long-term relationship that involves friendship as well as affection.”

According to the expert, the love between the pair is clear – “all about unity and identifying as one, strongly-bonded unit” – right from the poses to the outfits.

“They have chosen toning outfits to create a ‘team of two’ vibe and their body language together also looks matching and mirrored, to show like-minded thinking.

“Their torsos are close and they are touching at the knees and along their upper arms.

“The romantic gesture is in the way Kate’s legs slant so that her knees point in towards William’s direction.

“The pair have matching head-tilts and smiles and both have adopted a slightly shy look, with some body self-diminishing rather than a high-status regal look.”

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik posed for a very similar photo almost seven years later.

And while their photo also showed a couple deeply in love, Judi observed that they “opted for a different romantic story” on this occasion.

They also do not have the added weight of a royal family tragedy that William and Kate do.

Judi commented: “In their outfits and with the spatial gap between their torsos, plus their non-mirrored body language they seem to be keen to promote their individuality, although they do join at the knees in a linking touch gesture to signal romantic affection.”

She pointed to the Crown Prince’s devotion to his wife, and suggested that they embody the essence of the Taj Mahal itself.

“With Mary’s regal elegance and upright posture versus Frederik’s more relaxed pose and ready smile, this couple seem keen to keep to the spirit of the building behind them, which is a husband’s romantic gesture to the wife he adored.

“Frederik’s pose hints that he is more than capable of something similar, while William and Kate’s body language suggests a more even-handed style of romance.”

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