William and Kate have learnt from the ‘mistakes of history’ – claims

Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales have been married for over a decade, but what kind of husband has the Prince become? Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the royal pairing.

According to the expert, William has become somewhat of a “Rubik’s cube” type of husband.

Judi said: “William seems to be a ‘Rubik’s cube’ type of husband, one who has seen what doesn’t work and who will keep working through the alternative combinations to find ways that can.”

Before they got married, the expert suggested that William was in charge, inheriting some of that “Windsor arrogance”.

“He appeared to dominate the relationship, earning Kate the nickname ‘Waity Katy’ because of the long time he took before committing and the way he split with her at one point while he was deliberating.

“Kate also appeared to be expected to adopt the ‘one pace behind’ rule when they appeared in public for some of their courtship and her body language during and after their engagement suggested a rather passive approach to William’s more confident and dominant male.”

However, things quickly changed when the royal duo tied the knot, according to the expert.

They showed “intense mirroring rituals” and “identical body language poses” which appeared to be influenced more by Kate than William.

According to Judi, this suggests he was doing “quite a lot of compromising to help create an ideal match”.

Kate would often copy her husband’s more “bashful, shy” gestures such as the fig-leaf hand clasp, which might have been her way of “boosting his confidence and offering support”.

Judi continued: “William’s body language very quickly suggested an even balance of power and status.

“It suggested that William grew up very quickly after his wedding and began to enjoy job-sharing with his wife.

“Over the years he has learnt to be less protective and less anxious about sharing Kate with the public and his signals now suggest a man totally comfortable with stepping back a little to show respect and a little awe of his wife.”

According to the expert, Will and Kate work together as a team, with a “very like-minded, unified approach to marriage and parenthood” – “they move and think as one a lot of the time”.

But William has also allowed Kate to take up a very important role in his life after his brother left a “wide gap”.

When he “lost his playmate, wing-man and lifetime competitor to the US”, he began to rely on Kate for “competitive spirit” as well as “fun and laughter”.

But William’s approach to being a husband is not laissez-faire but rather the product of trial and error.

Judi explained: “William’s problem-solving traits as a husband should never be underestimated.

“To create the very balanced and also totally functional team he has with Kate must have required almost forensic planning and thinking.”

She suggested that he might have learned what not to do from watching his own parents’ marriage breakdown firsthand, and there might be another couple he aspires to instead.

The expert stated: “William seems to be a husband who learns from the mistakes of history.

“Witnessing a breakdown of your own parents’ marriage can so easily and so sadly lead to similar mistakes in your own whether you try to fight that or not.”

She concluded: “His delay and caution before marrying Kate, the way he began their marriage away from the public eye and in quite ‘normal circumstances’ in Anglesey, the way he has kept close to the Middletons and maybe even used their family closeness as a template for his own family, and now the way he is completely relaxed and at ease being outshone by Kate on public outings all show a very high level of emotional intelligence that seems to have been lacking in other Windsor men.”

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