Woman asks her ex-partner to return her sons sun cream as she bought it

A bottle of sun cream has gone viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons – and it all comes down to money.

It started when a man posted a snap of the sun cream he took on holiday for his son.

The man, referred to as Rossco, said he spent nearly £5,000 on the break away for himself and his son, but his ex-partner asked for the sun cream to be returned to her following the trip as "she bought it".

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Since the snap was posted the petty request hasn't gone down too well with a lot of people, but it's left others on the fence.

Writing on Twitter the man, known as Rossco, said: "Spent nearly £5,000 all in taking the wee man on holiday and the ex messaged asking for his bottle of sun cream to be returned as she bought it…"

The post was accompanied with a picture of the sun cream, and a fiver was attached to the bottle.

Rossco accompanied the cream with a note, which read: "Sorry for the inconvenience.

"Hope this covers the amount our son used on holiday."

Since he told the story of the holiday saga, many people have been left in total disbelief on Twitter.

Some have said the whole situation seems a bit "bitter", while others have been left a little divided about the whole situation.

One person said: "That does seem petty. Hopefully the £5,000 you spent on the holiday leaves enough for you to contribute fairly towards school shoes, sports kit and day to day living.

"You didn't blow it all on a holiday leaving ex to pay for all the boring stuff??"

A second commented: "Just got to rise above it and be the bigger person.

"Little one will grow up knowing his dad was the adult throughout it all."

Meanwhile, a third added: "The dad is the one posting on twitter about it and making sarky little notes.

"You don’t know the circumstances.

"Maybe he’s well off and she’s poor.

"Maybe she does all the adulting, and he just does fun stuff with his son and no actual parenting.

"We just don’t know."


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